Putin wants to “cleanse” Russia of gays, may have just admitted he’s bi

Russian President Vladimir Putin, who apparently hasn’t gotten a briefing on the state of American jurisprudence in over ten years, announced yesterday that Russia needs to “cleanse” itself of gays if the country is ever going to be successful in having more babies.

You see, in Russia, a straight guy will drop his wife in a nanosecond for a chance at getting some of that hot man-on-man action.

To add to the oddness of the interviews, Putin’s reiterated his incorrect assertion that gay sex is illegal in many American states.  In fact, such laws were overturned in 2003 by the Supreme Court’s “Lawrence v. Texas” decision.

Putin promises beeg trouble for gay moose and squirrel.

Putin is planning beeg trouble for gay moose and squirrel.

Not only is Putin’s latest gay bimbo eruption an indication of just how backwards a country Russia is, and is becoming, but it’s also a terrible sign of just how uninformed the former domestic-kgb head is about America.  Putin made the “gay sex is illegal in some American states” claim a few days ago as well, and still hasn’t figured out, or no one has the nerve to tell him, that he’s simply wrong.

And while I’m pretty amazed that Putin is now dropping Hitler analogies, talking about needing to “clean up” the gay menace, and that Putin still believes that old canard about gay people being more likely to molest children (they’re not), I’m equally fascinated that the Russian leader basically just admitted that he’s bisexual.

Do these sunglasses make me look gay? ID1974 / Shutterstock.com

Do these sunglasses make me look gay? ID1974 / Shutterstock.com

In his interviews yesterday, quoted by Al Jazeera, Putin reiterated his concern that Russia must get rid of the-gay, lest the country’s birthrate not rebound sufficiently.  Which is to suggest that somehow gay people will steal otherwise heterosexual Russians away from their opposite-sex spouses.  And the only people who think that straight men would gladly leave their wives for a gay guy are men who would gladly leave their wives for a gay guy.  They’re called bisexuals (or closeted homosexuals).

Welcome to the club, Vlad!

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