Practical joker puts remote control devil baby on NYC sidewalk, hilarity ensues

This made me howl. Someone put a remote control on a baby carriage, and put a devil-looking baby, from some horror movie inside. Then the carriage rolls around the streets of NYC by itself, and when someone comes to help, the baby pops out and scares the heck out of them.


I know I should think this is wrong, but how can something wrong feel so right? I just can’t watch this without laughing every time. I’m going to hell.

I had to post some of my favorites – it just gets funnier and funnier as it goes on.


Yes, at one point, devil baby vomits a la the Exorcist.

Yes, at one point, devil baby vomits a la the Exorcist.

ddevil-baby-6 devil-baby-5 devil-baby-4 devil-baby-2 devil-baby-1

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