Politifact debunks GOP claim that Obamacare funds beheadings

Apparently there’s a new Republican lie going around about Obamacare, this time alleging that the Affordable Care Act is going to cover the cost of “beheadings” in America.

While the rumor isn’t terribly clear about exactly when, and in what context, these beheadings will take place – perhaps it will be the preferred method of execution for Sarah Palin’s “death panels” – but the rumor has gotten enough legs for Politifact to feel the need to debunk it.

Medusa, an early victim of Obamacare (via Shutterstock)

Medusa, an early victim of Obamacare (via Shutterstock)

Honestly, as rumors go, this one doesn’t even explain itself well.  It’s rather convoluted, but basically comes to the conclusion that health care reform will cover the cost of beheadings, so clearly the US government has a secret plan to behead someone, presumably Tea Party adherents (who seem to be behind, or at least associated with, this latest clearly-conservative anti-Obama rumor).

It’s incredibly convoluted, and naturally involves the typical Republican base conspiracy about the evil United Nations and WHO trying to take over the world.  You can read it for yourself here.

I think my favorite debunk talking point from Politifact is the one where they inform us that under Obamacare doctors won’t be able to bill for a beheading.

Politifact adds that beheading is neither legal, nor practiced, in America.

And we call ourselves a free country.

Overall, Politifact gives the “Obamacare beheading” conspiracy a whopping “pants on fire” rating – meaning, it’s 100% utterly untrue.  Which means Sarah Palin and the GOP congressional leadership should be embracing it any day now.

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