Jon Stewart on Iran deal: “Congress is the Justin Bieber of our government”

Jon Stewart is ticked that Republicans, and 16 Democrats as well, are imperiling the Iran peace deal.


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5 Responses to “Jon Stewart on Iran deal: “Congress is the Justin Bieber of our government””

  1. Valerie Steven says:

    What is Obama expected to do then, declare a trade war on all the US allies?

  2. cole3244 says:

    israeli zionism and religious zealotry are the reason 16 dem chicken hawks are against letting negotiating be the way to come to an agreement with iran.
    we are the problem in the world and someone needs to put us in our place before the conflagration begins in earnest.
    america has a one party system except for a few exceptions, gop & gop light and neither one gives a dam about the 99% their concerns or welfare.

    i mean the unemployment is so high they can just send them off to war and solve two problems at once, invent jobs and give the elites another way to increase their bank accounts which has been done for decades in other trumped up conflicts.

    patriotism 99% patriotism, of course the flag wavers are no where to be seen when the crap hits the fan no they are sitting in their ivory towers figuring out how to screw the 99% and the world at the same time.
    i now live in a fascist country and those that hold the seats of power are mostly war criminals if not worse.

  3. karmanot says:

    16 Democrats—-sickening, if not so predictable—particularly Sanchez, Gillibrand and Booker.

  4. Carring3452 says:

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  5. MyrddinWilt says:

    The demand for more sanctions is self defeating because the US doesn’t have any more sanctions to impose. The only countries that could impose more sanctions are the countries that Obama managed to persuade to impose additional sanctions by convincing them that the US was negotiating in good faith.

    If the sanctions bill passes then the allies will drop their sanctions immediately and cease all cooperation with the US sanctions program. What is Obama expected to do then, declare a trade war on all the US allies?

    The sanctions bill also appears to require Obama to start a war with Iran if the sanctions fail and to support any attack by Israel. I don’t know if the people behind this bill have noticed but outside Congress and AIPAC there really isn’t that degree of support for Israel. Having just lost the Republican/AIPAC war in Iraq, the country has no intention of going to war with Iran for the sake of the worst elements in Israeli politics.

    The US is not obliged to go to war to protect Israel and Israel does not have any right to wage an aggressive or pre-emptive war. Both are specifically excluded by the US charter.

    Even if Congress passes a law requiring war over Obama’s veto, Obama can ignore it.

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