Iceland’s awesome 360° New Year’s fireworks, from the air (video)

I’ve posted videos before from GoPro cameras flying on little remote helicopters. This is another, this time showing the 2014 New Year’s fireworks in Iceland, that was pretty wild, considering they seemed to be taking place everywhere simultaneously.


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  • cole3244

    humane humans, who knew!

  • Dakotahgeo

    DEEEEEE-lightful! Thank you!

  • Cletus

    I soooooo want to get a quad-copter!

    You’ve got to check out some of the videos from “Team BlackSheep”. I’ve traveled the world with them.

  • Monoceros Forth

    Yeah, I hate to say it because I enjoy fireworks, but I’ve seen first-hand just how terrified an animal can get when they’re going off. I used to know a really sweet Irish wolfhound (dead for years now…they don’t live that long, Irish wolfies) who was normally one of the calmest and most phlegmatic dogs who ever lived, but on the Fourth she’d take refuge in the bathtub and cower there until the noise was over.

  • Iceland is so wonderful in so many ways.

  • annettek

    Nope, no angry response here.

    My dogs are absolutely terrified, they quake with fear. It’s terrible to see and I always think of how many must be suffering the same. It goes on for days and it takes weeks for them to get their confidence back.

  • cole3244

    i know fireworks are popular but since having adopted homeless cats and seeing how terrified they are with just one explosive sound they aren’t as enjoyable to me, i stay home on july 4th & new years to settle my house down and so they won’t be alone during this time of stress for them.
    i presume most animals react this way and i wish the shows could be held in isolated areas and eliminate individuals setting off their own fireworks, this would also eliminate many serious injuries suffered by children because their parents aren’t qualified to set off these dangerous devices.
    this should set off an angry response so have at it.

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