HuffPo (tongue in cheek) asks SOTU lawmakers “who” they’re wearing

A cute tongue-in-cheek idea from HuffPo, asking members of Congress attending last night’s State of the Union “who” they’re wearing (meaning, which designer).

Fortunately, no one totally fell for it.


(I’m told that in order to better see my Facebook posts in your feed, you need to “follow” me.)

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  • Matt Rogers

    I can view them, and I use Firefox (in the US).

  • HelenRainier

    I went to Huff Po and found it and was able to watch it there. I think it was under the “Politics” section. It was hilarious. I don’t like IE and uninstalled it. I use Dragon explorer — based on Firefox but not all the bells and whistles.

  • emjayay

    Working for me today using IE.

    Well, of course except for the square of something covering the NW quadrant. Didn’t get to see most of the interviewee faces.

  • Indigo

    “Fortunately?” I’d say unfortunately. It’s reasonable to expect congress-critters to pay attention to something. Maybe the question should be adapted to their social context. Ask them, Who’re you drinking?

  • kingstonbears

    I think this makes 6 videos in a row that we can’t view. Hmmm……

  • HelenRainier

    They’re also not working if you’re inside the US.

  • goulo

    “Sorry, but this video is currently unavailable for viewing at this domain.”

    BTW Many of the videos you’re linking lately aren’t working for me (outside the US)… :(

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