Hillary has biggest lead of any front-runner in the history of polling

According to the Washington Post, Hillary has, at this point, the biggest lead of any front-runner in the history of polling presidential front-runners in non-incumbent elections. And not just by a little. By a lot.

I’m treating this as a news item, since we’ve been writing about Hillary Clinton lately. Consider this a follow-up to this earlier story, about her support, or lack of it, for peace with Iran.

Here’s Chris Cillizza and Sean Sullivan with the news:

Hillary Clinton is the biggest frontrunner for the Democratic presidential nomination ever. Yes, ever.

Hillary texting for climate advice

Hillary texting for climate advice

Hillary Rodham Clinton’s 61-point edge over Joe Biden in new Washington Post-ABC News polling makes her the single biggest frontrunner for a Democratic presidential nomination in the history of the poll, an affirmation of the conventional wisdom that the nomination is hers for the taking.

Clinton stands at an eye-popping 73 percent in a hypothetical 2016 primary race with Biden, the sitting vice president, who is the only other candidate in double digits at 12 percent. Massachusetts Sen. Elizabeth Warren, who has signed a letter along with a handful of other Democratic senators urging Clinton to run, is at 8 percent. And that’s it.

That lead is almost three times as large as the one Clinton enjoyed in Post-ABC polling in December 2006, the first time we asked the 2008 Democratic presidential primary ballot question. At that time, Clinton took 39 percent to 17 percent for then Illinois Sen. Barack Obama, 12 percent for 2004 vice presidential nominee John Edwards and 10 percent for former Vice President Al Gore.

And note this comparison to Al Gore and the 2000 Democratic primary race:

Speaking of Gore, he is the closest thing to a Clinton-sized frontrunner dating all the way back to early polling on the 1984 presidential race. In a March 1999 poll, in advance of the 2000 presidential race, Gore took 58 percent to 21 percent for former New Jersey Sen. Bill Bradley, a 37-point bulge.

As always, do read the rest. It’s fascinating.

I’m not making a point with this, just passing it on. The 2016 election is going to be pivotal in American history. The president elected then will have just one job — deal with climate change, with a tool box nearly emptied by his or her predecessors. It’s well worth your time watching who ends up in the (sorry) hot seat. If you care about this stuff like I do, you might even help out, starting, well, now.

After all, the choices we make in the next three or four years — or allow to be made for us — will live with us for the rest of the century. Gets my attention anyway.

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