Guy raises $6k online for surgery so his kitten can walk again

A truly adorable, heart-warming story about a 22 year old guy, Alex Lubow, and his 9-month-old kitten named Winslow.

Winslow recently start limping, then not using one of his hind legs at all. He has problems with his knee-joints and needs $3,000-worth of surgery on both knees or soon he’ll never walk again.

As Alex didn’t have the money for the surgery, he turned to the Internet, posted a fundraising appeal on GoFundMe, and the rest is history.  He raised over $6,000 in only four days.

Look at this kitten:


Alex’s appeal was rather sweet, to say the least.  He bought a Groupon for a JC Penny family portrait and took his kitten as his child. He reports that the photographer cracked up.  The results were just painfully cute.


Here’s Alex’s post about having raised the money in only 4 days:


And here are a few more photos of Alex and Winslow. Winslow has his own Facebook page, so you can keep up with his progress there.





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