Gonzo the Italian Greyhound experiences his first snow-day (video)

After what my poor Sasha went through these last few days in Chicago – first, 12+ inches of snow, then -17°F daytime temperatures (without windchill) – I’ve grown increasingly sympathetic to snowbooties for dogs, like this woman with her poor little Italian Greyhound.


I tried snowbooties on Sasha her first winter after she had a really bad experience on salt. Certain salts hurt dogs’ feet – as in, the dog collapses in pain on the sidewalk and won’t move. It’s really bad. But when I got Sasha her first booties, they got lost in the first snowstorm – they tend to come off the dogs’ feet.

Nonetheless, after the last week in Chicago, I’m considering getting the booties again. The poor girl, within about 30 seconds of going outside, starts lifting up her paws and won’t put them back down again. It’s just too cold for her.

So I can commiserate with this woman and her poor little Italian Greyhound, who immediately made me think of Muffit from Battlestar Galactica (who I liked considerably more than the annoying Boxie):


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