Global-warming-truthers, Donald Trump, Fox use record cold to “disprove” climate change

Global-warming-truthers are back to using the cold weather to “prove” that global warming isn’t real.

Predictably, most of them are on Fox News.  Jon Stewart dove into the overall topic of using cold weather to “disprove” global warming last night on the Daily Show.

Fox idiot: “I think these scientists are laughing from their lavish laboratories and their vacations up at the arctic, and their nice boats that are well-equipped.”

Then Fox called in the big guns – Donald Trump.


We’ve written before about the logical fallacy that cold weather proves that global warming isn’t real.  The fallacy is based on a basic confusion between the words “weather” and “climate.”  With weather being what happens on any individual day, and climate being long-term trends and averages.

Chris had posted a great video a while back showing the difference between the two by looking at a man walking his dog. The man’s path is climate, the dog’s path is weather.  But really, “climate” is the average path over time.  Meaning, the overall direction of the man and the dog is from bottom left to top right. As time goes on, you can pretty much bet that the man and the dog will end up even further up and to the right.

Here’s an image from that video, the full video is at the bottom of this article:


But the dog’s path at any one moment is up, down, left, or right.  If you look overall, at the climate, you’d say the man and dog are clearly going up and to the right.  But if you look at the dog at any one time, you might say, “that’s not true, their path is down!” And ten seconds later you’d say, “that’s not true, their path is up!”

Donald Trump and Fox are the dog looking down.  They pick a moment in time when the weather is cold and claim that this proves that the overall trend, over decades, is not towards warming. It’s an unscientific. and factually wrong, analysis, but it appeals to people with less education and overall intelligence, and/or people who have no interest in facts that contradict their worldview – i.e., the extreme far-right base that’s taken over the Republican party.

I’ll post the video below.

This gives you a pretty good indication as to why the less education people get, the more they tend to vote for Republican.


One explanation might be that the more education you have, the less likely you are to believe a blatant lie.

As I’ve noted before, the Republicans found out long ago that voters don’t tend to like their agenda, so they lie about it.  Whether it’s opposing health care reform because it has “death panels” and covers the cost of beheadings (it doesn’t), or claiming global warming doesn’t exist because it got cold in north Georgia.  The truth doesn’t conform with the GOP agenda, so they lie.  And guess who’s more likely to believe a lie, especially one about science – people who haven’t studied as much science.

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Here’s the climate vs weather video:

And here’s Jon Stewart:

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