Gay dads adopt 14 kids (video)

Steve and Roger Ham have adopted 14 kids from foster care in, of all places, Arizona.  It was 12, but apparently they recently added 2 more.


“All of our kids have two parents that love them.
Most of their friends don’t.”

The men started by adopting one five-year-old boy named Michael.  But Michael had 4 siblings he worried endlessly about.  So they finally adopted them too.

More from the Arizona Republic, back in 2011, and a nice short video below:

Since 1997, conservative Arizona lawmakers have introduced a half-dozen bills that would keep single people, including gays and lesbians, from becoming foster parents or adopting children in the state’s care, or would move married couples to the top of the waiting list for adoptions. Those attempts – one as recent as last year – failed to muster enough votes. But this year was different. On April 18, Gov. Jan Brewer signed a bill that gives preference to married couples in state and private adoptions, all other criteria being equal. Yet, in 2009, the governor gave Steven and Roger Ham an award for their efforts at keeping siblings in foster care together through adoption.

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