Elderly couple exits home, doesn’t see bear cub waiting for them on porch (video)

Bob McKeown and his wife were visting Pasadena, California this past Tuesday when they walked out the front door and totally missed seeing the bear cub that was walking towards them only feet away.


The couple went to their car, their wife got in – that’s when the bear attack Bob’s leg. Fortunately it was only a bad scratch, but Bob immediately went back to the house and got inside.

The wildest part is the security video showing the couple leaving the house and not seeing the bear walking right towards them. You can see that below – it doesn’t show the attack, so don’t worry.

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Here’s the security video:

And Here’s the local news on the story, interviewing Bob and his wife (they have a lovely accent):

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  • Indigo

    Possibly . . .

  • sane37

    You mean ale and haggis.

  • Silver_Witch

    Jealous baby bear stalks hippies!

  • Silver_Witch

    Darn kids…lost my son once in the mall…goddess did I cry when I finally found him.

  • Same. It seems to be an epidemic! :-)

  • I tend not to miss those, either.

  • Mike_in_the_Tundra

    I’m quite familiar with Pasadena. My son lives there.

    I know that bears like foraging for food in well populated areas. I just couldn’t figure out how it got into Pasadena. There are parks, but not a lot of wooded areas.

    I did think that all bears hibernate, so thanks for the info. Around here, they certainly do hibernate. Sometimes I wish I could hibernate. We’re having a real harsh winter.

  • Zorba

    Exactly so, Silver_Witch. Even with black bears, which are generally not aggressive, you do not want to be messing around with Mamma Bear’s cub.

  • Zorba

    Bears don’t necessarily hibernate in warmer climates and where food is plentiful. Pasadena does not have harsh winters.
    And as for food, bears are perfectly happy to raid your trash cans and such. ;-)

  • True, one can never tell when Whinny the Poo is sneaking around looking for honey!

  • Or an elephant in the room! :-)

  • Elderly couple wearing tied-dyed clothing, piercings and tatts attract baby cub dazzled by hip bling. There, fixed it for you.

  • FOX News in SF is like that. If Diane Feinstein breaks a nail, it’s breathless minute by minute coverage—–anything to deflect news that Oakland exists.

  • In Pasadena the Momma Bear was probably shopping at Macy’s and Jr. wandered off.

  • Mike_in_the_Tundra

    The bear must be confused by it’s surroundings. Pasadena is not a great place for bears. I’m not a biologist, but shouldn’t the bear be hibernating?

  • Joe Joejoe

    the bear wasn’t even interested in them as food. he was just foraging. he was scared and backed away as soon as he saw the couple. it’s when people panic, that they often find bears get mean because they’re scaring the bear.

  • PeteWa

    I have a hard time calling that an attack… now, if the mother bear had been around, that might have been an attack.

  • PeteWa


  • mirror

    I was initially responsive to Tatts idea, but in the end, it is the details that bring stories to life and bring us close to them. [ I had a terrible time trying to get my son to understand this idea in his school writing. If you take out all the details you assume people know or assume they won’t think are important, pretty soon your reader is bored. Teachers really appreciate if writing is not boring.]

    The critique of the mentioning of the age of the subjects might be more relevant, for example, if it was in the context of a political climate where the younger citizens were trying to create laws to strip people over 70 of their assets and put them in special homes, “for their own safety.”

  • Silver_Witch

    My companion made a very good point, the real danger is that if there is a cub wandering around some where is a Momma Bear and they are extremely protective of their cubs. So the real danger is the interacting with the cub could bring out the momma.

  • At some point, we’re no longer going to mention that they’re humans either. I mentioned that they’re Scottish too. And actually, if they were gay, I met have mentioned that too.

  • cole3244

    boy that reporter is a drama queen so to speak.

  • Tatts

    “Elderly couple exits home, doesn`t see bear cub…”

    Why is the point made that they are elderly? Is it germane to the story–that only old people would have made such a mistake? We know that’s not true.
    “Black couple exits home, doesn`t see bear cub…”
    “Left-handed lesbian exits home, doesn`t see bear cub…”
    “Brown-haired couple exits home, doesn`t see bear cub…”

    Would we have used any of the last options? I don’t think so.

  • Maybe it’s because I spent so much of my childhood exploring the woods — our town was surrounded by forest preserves, and my grandmother lived in the mountains in North Carolina — but I’m always amazed at how few people notice what’s going on around them, or even actively try to shut it out. (I don’t walk down the street with earphones on. Ever.)

    Somehow, I don’t think I would be oblivious to a bear cub on the porch.

  • HeartlandLiberal

    Revealing my age, I shall mention the humorist Alexander King, and his book “May this House Be Safe From Tigers”. He died in 1965. But he insisted, because he always invoked this little saying every time he entered or exited his house, he was sure it was effective, because he had NEVER ONCE been attacked in his house by a tiger.

  • Indigo

    What an adventure story to tell the relatives back in Scotland over tea and crumpets.

  • mirror

    I can’t believe this. I always look both ways for bears when I go out the door anywhere.

  • “Guys? Where you going? Guys?”

  • dula

    bear today gone tomorrow

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