Dogs who love snow (video)

Some dogs, like the ones in this video, love snow. My Sasha would not be one of them.

The last four days in Chicago have been hard on Sasha. The temperature has been going back and forth between zero and 20°F, and there’s 12 inches of snow on the ground (as she’s only ten pounds, Sasha’s legs are probably 8 inches tall), and the little girl has pretty much had it.

She started a pooh-strike about four days ago. She runs outside, pees, then runs back inside, usually on 3 or fewer legs, as at least one paw every time gets impacted with ice and snow. She simply can’t comprehend why I keep inflicting this horror on her ever few hours.  So she pees outside, then finds somewhere convenient to poop inside – fortunately, she’s not a messy dog, I’ll leave it at that.

Sasha plans on coming out from under her pillow sometime in April.

Sasha plans on coming out from under her pillow sometime in April.

In the past, our dogs have loved the snow.  My mom’s dog loves the snow too.  And the cold I think.  Sasha, however, is the veritable princess, and Chicago is her frozen pea.  Fortunately we’ll be leaving before Monday, when Chicago is expecting a daytime high of -12°F (-24.4°C).  I’m pretty sure that experience would be unforgivable.


This happy little thing enjoying the snow would not be Sasha.

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