Dogs who love snow (video)

Some dogs, like the ones in this video, love snow. My Sasha would not be one of them.

The last four days in Chicago have been hard on Sasha. The temperature has been going back and forth between zero and 20°F, and there’s 12 inches of snow on the ground (as she’s only ten pounds, Sasha’s legs are probably 8 inches tall), and the little girl has pretty much had it.

She started a pooh-strike about four days ago. She runs outside, pees, then runs back inside, usually on 3 or fewer legs, as at least one paw every time gets impacted with ice and snow. She simply can’t comprehend why I keep inflicting this horror on her ever few hours.  So she pees outside, then finds somewhere convenient to poop inside – fortunately, she’s not a messy dog, I’ll leave it at that.

Sasha plans on coming out from under her pillow sometime in April.

Sasha plans on coming out from under her pillow sometime in April.

In the past, our dogs have loved the snow.  My mom’s dog loves the snow too.  And the cold I think.  Sasha, however, is the veritable princess, and Chicago is her frozen pea.  Fortunately we’ll be leaving before Monday, when Chicago is expecting a daytime high of -12°F (-24.4°C).  I’m pretty sure that experience would be unforgivable.


This happy little thing enjoying the snow would not be Sasha.

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  • This video is absolutely cool. Cute dogs!

  • Steven Leahy

    She’s really cute, I would probably yet her poop inside too.

  • HelenRainier

    Well congrats to Joe. I hope he and his beloved are very happy in their new life together.

  • HelenRainier

    Party Time for Sasha!

  • I don’t really, he apparently got married. I found out via Facebook :)

  • I know, I need to post more – her bday is coming up, so that will provide a good opportunity, not that I need an excuse :)

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    But a comment is fine, too. Anything that alerts us. Thank you, again.

  • lynchie

    I know. thought you might see my comment. don’t know how to alert you guys.

  • He is spam, lynchie. Thank you for the heads-up.

  • HelenRainier

    She was an adorable puppy and she still is gorgeous. Did you “fall in love” with her when you first saw her? I certainly would have. When I got my dogs (as puppies), I totally fell in love at first sight with my keeshond-husky. He was such a wonderful dog but ended up with some serious health issues — hip dysplasia and epilepsy. Had to give him meds for both on a daily basis. The first time he had a seizure it scared the hell out of me. We also got a chocolate/black lab at the same time.

    Thanks, John, for posting the second link also. It looks as though Sasha warmed up to you immediately. She’s brought a lot of joy to many of us — I always enjoy your videos of her. BTW, do you ever hear from Joe? How is Petey doing? I always enjoyed the videos of Sasha and Petey too. Tell Joe we miss him.

  • lynchie

    You sir are full of shit.

  • GGrecond6392

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  • cole3244

    i’m happy when i see animals happy, thanks.

  • Island In The Sky

    We want more pics / vids of Sasha, John!

  • When we lived in Vermont our Cocker, ‘Bodhi’ loved snow,loved to eat snow, and hunt the voles who made tunnels. He never caught any,but could hear them moving about.

  • He’s only 14lbs. Maybe that’s why. He’s supposed to max out at 17/18 lbs.

  • She’s turning 4 this month. In fact, here’s the video when my nephew and I found her at the pet store and we were considering making her mine. (And yes, the pet store was a necessity after months of trying rescues etc. It’s pretty much impossible to find a dog that’s good for allergies at a rescue – they didn’t know ANY of the breeds they had, none of them. And wouldn’t let me take the dogs for a weekend test-run to see if I was allergic. So finally caved and went the pet store route. Also, interesting, I contacted some reputable yorkie dealers, people who are known in the business to be cream of the crop, not puppy mills, and was told, and I quote, that no self-respecting breeder would ever make a mixed breed (basically a yorkie-poo, or in Sasha’s case, a yorkie-bichon). Which struck me as a bit idiotic, since that means only the irreputable breeders are willing to make the crosses that everyone wants. Imagine the business of making the crosses people want at a REPUTABLE non puppy mill?) Anyway. Here’s that first video:

  • I did do that, but made the mistake of not shoveling the lawn in her favorite pooh spot on the side of the house. I shoveled a nice little path behind the house that we can walk back and forth on, but failed to take into account dogs’ desire to go in the same spot they’ve always gone. Next visit I shovel more of the lawn.

  • I’d have thought a bigger dog would love the snow.

  • Indigo

    Cuteness! Woof! Woof!

  • My 8 month old min labradoodle is not too fond of the snow, I think it’s too cold for him. He also hates the sidewalks because of the salt and his poor little paws burn. He’s not enjoying this weather although we thought he would since both labs and poodles like snow, generally.

  • woodsidematt

    My 10-pound bichon mutt has been acting exactly the same way as Sasha. A recent clipping made it worse (had to do it,he was matted).
    Anyway, here’s a solution to the too-cold-to-poop-outside-if-you-have-short-legs problem: I shovel a pretty decent-sized area of snow off the grass and add a little shoveled dog run area. I look like a crazy man to the neighbors when I “shovel the lawn.” But Jake is much happier now and will go outside. This lets him not get cold and wet and bogged down in the endless Rochester, NY, snow. And he can feel and sniff the ground, which he likes.
    He still bolts for the house door the minute he’s done!

    It was –8 below yesterday, and he likes to leave his hoodie on all the time now. I guess that’s ok as long as george zimmerman doesn’t head up here!

  • HelenRainier

    This video is absolutely delightful, John.

  • HelenRainier

    I echo Mirror’s comment — love the picture of Sasha hiding underneath her pillow. How old is she now, John? I remember when you got her — she’s still such a cutie pie.

  • mirror

    Love the picture of Sasha.

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