Chris Christie bridge scandal gets the Jon Stewart treatment (video)

As you may now know, probable 2016 GOP presidential candidate Chris Christie is facing withering criticism for shutting down traffic at the George Washington Bridge last fall in apparent retaliation for the local mayor not supporting Christie’s re-election.

Reportedly, the shutdown delayed EMT response to a missing child, a man with a heart attack, and one 91 year old woman who had a heart attack and later died, according to CNN.  Calls took three times as long as normal.

Christie is now denying that he was aware of, and behind, the vindictive actions, but Christie was already battling the accurate perception that he’s too much of a hothead.  He regularly calls reporters “idiots,” and condescendingly yells at constituents who criticize him.  This infamous photo, by Dave Weigel, during the fall campaign really says it all:


Republicans have attempted to spin Christie’s bravado as “fresh,” and “honest.” But Christie’s oversized anger problem doesn’t come across as “straight talk,” it comes across as Tony Soprano.  The guy is a bully.  And a hothead.  He’s prone to emotional explosions.  And that’s not the kind of the person you want in the Oval Office.

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