“Christie 2016: Bringing America together or I will f*ck you over”

Chris Christie’s ongoing, and growing, George Washington Bridge scandal got covered by Jon Stewart and Stephen Colbert last night.  Stewart was okay, Colbert, whose coverage was longer, was quite good.

Videos are below.

Colbert showed a quick clip of CNN’s conservative host SE Cupp (the one with the glasses) claiming that this is an awfully hard story for Americans to understand – things like, who did what to whom. Welcome to the GOP talking points desperately trying to save Christie’s 2016 presidential bid. The American people don’t know nuthin’ ’bout traffic and vengeance, Miss Scarlett.

Colbert also made a great Christie 2016 bumper sticker:


COLBERT: “Christie never lost sight of who truly was hurt by this: Chris Christie.”

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First Jon Stewart:

Then Stephen Colbert:

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