Bill Nye Science Guy eats Climate Change denier for lunch (video)

Bill Nye Science Guy debates angry conservative climate change denier guy Marc Morano on CNN (this was last month, but still worth watching).


Nye is his usual peaceful self. The conservative guy is kind of a loudmouth bully right out of the gate. I suspect it’s something in the food.

As Nye notes, Morano’s facts are from another planet.  He argues a lot like a religious right nut, in fact.  Talking very fast and making sure he “quotes” a lot of “facts” from a lot of seemingly prestigious institutions.  The problem, as Nye points out, is that the guys “facts” simply aren’t true.  But, like the religious right, he manages (hopes to, at least) confuse less-informed viewers into thinking maybe he’s right, since he has some many quotable “facts.”

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