Biker tracks down bike thief on Craigs List, gets it all on video

A biker gets his $2,000 bike stolen, and finds it days later for sale on Craig’s List, 160 miles away.

So, like any good kid in 2014, he grabs a camera and decides to video his encounter with the thief (and wisely, also calls the cops).


Bike thief and girlfriend.

I’m not sure it was the wisest move, lest the bike thief guy resort to violence. But it sure makes for good video.

PS I was finally flying back from  Chicago to DC today, after three false starts (and changed flights due to snow, snow, then sub-zero temperatures).  Thus the slow posting today.  Tomorrow, all back to normal.

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  • mpeasee

    …fucking right on man!!!

  • Buford

    I tend to agree – all he really needed to do was confirm the bike was his, then step away to discreetly call the cops and wait for them to handle it. That confrontation and screeching ‘citizen’s arrest’ was kinda silly.

  • Buford

    I think the key lesson here is to write down serial numbers, engrave your stuff, and take lots of pics so you can prove it’s yours.

  • gratuitous

    Outstanding. I’m going to try to memorize the cyclist’s face, and if I ever see him, I’m liable to buy him a beer. As for the thief, I’d like to say that in this particular case, the cyclist got his buddies together to film you and turn you over to the cops. I can’t say what another cyclist might do if he got his buddies together and confronted you, but I strongly suggest you investigate other ways of making money that are less likely to get you arrested to pounded to a bloody pulp.

    Free advice, and worth every pixel!

  • emjayay

    Yeah, he was going to string the guy along until the police came but seemed to accuse the guy too soon. But smart of him to meet in a public place. I kept wondering how he could video the guy, which had to be obvious unless he had an Secret Agent Tie Clip Camera or something, but it didn’t seem like he did. .Maybe that’s what led to the early accusation.
    Anyway, great video and I can certainly relate and I suppose a lot of others can too.

  • MyrddinWilt
  • cole3244

    dangerous and i’m glad no one was hurt, too bad the gf couldn’t have been implicated and had her record affected in some way.

  • MyrddinWilt

    Why did he challenge the guy rather than wait for the police?

  • Mike_in_the_Tundra

    I think I understand how the guy felt. I bought my first really good bike after teaching for about six months. I met my husband about then, and he swore I loved it more than him.

  • SkippyFlipjack

    Kind of a stupid thing to do. And I don’t understand the legality of the “citizen’s arrest”, seems to be something Tea Partiers spout off about a lot but I’m sure it often ends in injury. Great that it worked out though.

  • teddy partridge

    Don’t fuck with PDXers’ bikes.

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