Actor proposes to girlfriend, on stage, in middle of Peter Pan

I love this. An actor proposes to his shocked actress girlfriend, on stage, in the middle of a production of Peter Pan in Glasgow, Scotland.

Adorable video. And she said yes.

From the YouTube description:

Romantic Sandor Sturbl stunned the audience and his girlfriend as he popped the question to Scots co-star Lilly-Jane Young as they performed at the Hydro in Glasgow.

It was the ultimate fairytale ending — Peter Pan proposing to Wendy on stage.

Sandor Sturbl, who plays Peter in a new musical of the classic tale, got down on one knee near the end of a performance at the Hydro in Glasgow.

And the audience erupted in cheers when Lilly-Jane Young, who plays Wendy Darling, said: “Yes” right away.


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  • jomicur

    There’s a great story about Tallulah Bankhead, who played Peter Pan in a skit at a charity event. When the actress playing Wendy announced, “My name is Wendy Darling,” Talllulah quipped, “And my name is Peter Pan, darling.” Later in the show, when Tallulah turned to the audience and urged them, “Clap if you believe in fairies,” the (predominantly gay, or course) audience fell on the floor laughing and ROARED with applause.

  • Simply beautiful. Thanks, John.

  • mirror

    You softie.

  • Monoceros Forth

    “Clap if you believe in true love!” (anaemic scattering of applause). “Sorry, honey, the engagement’s off.”

  • cole3244

    at first i couldn’t tell if she was terrified of what he was going to ask her or overjoyed into hysteria, then i got my answer.

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