The 7 gayest Aaron Schock Instagram posts of 2013

UPDATE: Aaron Schock just locked down his Instagram account, as outing rumors swirl.  And conservative media has now picked up on the story.

Is there anything more embarrassing than when a conservative anti-gay Republican finds out his Instagram account is queer?

That’s the dilemma that seriously anti-gay Republican Illinois Congressman Aaron Schock faces with one of the gayest Instagram accounts on the Web.

I mean, really, what self-respecting homophobe follows newly-out Olympic diver Tom Daley?



UPDATE: Aaron Schock is suddenly no longer following Tom Daley.

You see, Schock is really really really anti-gay:

  • Schock voted against adding sexual orientation to the already-existing hate crimes law.
  • Schock opposed the repeal of Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell.
  • Schock opposes the repeal of DOMA.
  • Schock is against gay marriage; and
  • Schock is for the Federal Marriage Amendment, which would add language to the US Constitution banning gay marriage and likely striking down every gay rights law and ordinance in the country.

Schock is so anti-gay that the Human Rights Campaign gave him a whopping 0% rating:


But come on HRC, how can anyone be a zero with pants like this (or these)?


Or shoes like this?


Or a jawline like that?


Or that slippery-when-wet Adam’s apple?


Or that coy sense of humor.


And how ’bout them bears?aaron-schock-trainer

And one more thing about the photo above. I’m not saying it’s necessarily “gay,” but how many hetero members of Congress would post a pic of themselves free-balling, let alone with another guy?

Overall, I have no reason to doubt that Aaron Schock is telling the truth when he says, uncomfortably and confusedly, that he’s not gay.

But his trapezius is.aaron-schock-weightlifting

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  • David

    NO, “TommyRocket” & DHB Bezzina. Hypocrisy is saying one thing and doing another. Being gay and not believing what the Left believes about homosexuality and gay rights is not hypocrisy.
    It is not for you to define for someone else what “voting against yourself” means, either.
    Just do what I suggest above: Find out just what motivates the positions the congressman takes. Only that allows for a personal (as opposed to political) judgment. I he uses his positions to closet himself he can be properly judged harshly. If, however, his positions follow from his personal moral or religious beliefs, or his best societal judgment, then he is no different than any heterosexual politician with the same policy positions.

  • David

    You have a point, edav38. It is taken for granted by progressives that any homosexual who doesn’t agree with them must be a hypocrite. That was Itay Hod’s charge against Schock. I posted this comment to Hod’s Facebook page:

    “Excuse me, Itay, but you are very free with the term “hypocrisy.” Unless the man was openly homosexual while serving in the military under DADT, he isn’t a hypocrite for opposing it. Unless the man is married to another man, he isn’t a hypocrite for opposing same-sex marriage. Whether or not he takes his positions as a means of hiding his homosexuality is a matter with which we are properly concerned. This, however, is not ‘hypocrisy.’ You could accuse him of cowardice, or blind ambition … but not hypocrisy. Your charge is Stalinist, to be blunt: All homosexuals must think alike. Don’t be a Stalinist.”
    Progressives need to give up their arrogant claim to know just what people of this sexual orientation, or race, or creed should think and focus on just what motivates any particular political leader. Are Schock’s positions on gay rights matters linked to his being a closeted homosexual or not?

  • David

    A Stalinist attitude, John: All homosexuals MUST think alike! (Or else.)
    This is progressive thinking in a nutshell. Bad — very, very, bad.

  • anyonmysous

    He’s not gay but his boyfriend is.

  • Barry Warr

    I agree they have a right to privacy… But, if he’s running for office the people have a right to know who he is, in other words does he practice what he preaches? If this guy is gay, with his voting record on Gay issues he would then be a hypocrite in my mind. I personally don’t believe we should elect hypocrites to represent us!

  • mkmilan

    Reread and rethink your argument: ridiculous!


    Ever hear of “Gaydar?”

  • Mike_in_the_Tundra

    I agree and understand John. However, not all gay boys do those things. I consider myself dressed up when I have clean jeans. There are days when shaving seems so not worth it, and my total workout is walking to and from the car.

  • It’s the package. It’s not one pair of shoes. It’s the shoes, the pants, the belt, the shirt, the rather hot gay looking guys in so many of his photos, his over-attention to his body, his over-attention to his workout, his over-attention to showing off his body, the people he interacts with on Twitter, the people he follows on Instagram, the rumor and then story of men he’s been with in DC, the lack of a single girlfriend anywhere in years, the horrific answers he’s given in the past on this issue, and on and on and on. Straight boys don’t tend to come in those packages.

  • “There are many 32-year-olds that would take these same pictures”

    Not from Peoria.

  • I thihnk he was gaying with you, rather than gaying at you :)

  • “It is OK to be against gay marriage and be gay”

    No, it’s really not. No more than it’s okay to be black and think that blacks really shouldn’t be sitting at the front of the bus.

  • Jay D’Batiste

    And that smile. It is so gay. I know this because I am gay and I smile that way.

  • Dave Jannsen

    this guy is so gay its painful to watch him pretend otherwise wtf

  • anon

    The Olympic diver is easily explainable–he meant to follow Tom Delay

  • I don’t even think it goes that far. Even elected officials have a right to some privacy. But if you’re actively advocating for legislation to make people live their lives in only the way you approve of, you’re opening the door to let everyone else analyze your life, to make sure they approve of you. If you’re going to say “You can’t do that!” you had better damn well publicly prove beyond a shadow of a doubt that you are not partaking in such things. And if being open and honest about your life to reassure people why your political positions are the right ones scares you, perhaps you’re in the wrong profession.

  • Daniel Howe Boyer Bezzina

    I couldn’t have said it better myself!!! I was hearing…blah.blah.blah.blah.blah. Hypocrites, especially when in public office are absolutely fair game when it comes to outing them!! If they are voting against my rights, along with Aaron’s if he is gay? That is a hypocrite!!!!!! Aaron did you write all that under an assumed name?

  • TommyRocket

    OMG – PLEASE SHUT UP. If you’re gay and you’re against gay equality, you’re a hypocrite. If you vote against yourself, you’re a fool. And no one wants a fool in office.

  • Ray Novak: Steve
    Harper’s Closet Confidant

    He used to live above Steve Harper’s garage. Now he’s the second most powerful man in Ottawa.

    “Ray is effectively the Prime Minister’s closest confidant,”
    enthuses one government official. “Not only as a member of his staff, but as a
    personal and intimate member of the Prime Minister’s life.”


  • edav38

    If he is or if he isn’t, does not really matter. What DOES matter is his
    positions on things. It is OK to be against gay marriage and be gay
    (which NO ONE KNOWS about Aaron unless they are In Bed with him).
    no one can judge him until they either “walk a mile in HIS shoes”, or
    know why he holds the positions he holds. Judging someone without REAL
    KNOWLEDGE, NOT Speculation OR Saying “Just because he is Republican,”
    Because there are MANY Democrats with Very Similar Positions. Just
    remember that MANY Democrats are former KKK members.
    Neither Being
    Conservative, Having Conservative Principles or Being Baptist,
    automatically makes you “Gay-Hating” or “Self-Gay-Hating”, Having VALUES
    IS NOT WRONG, even if you are gay, or not.
    Left Society has a
    tendency to not be willing to Allow Anyone who identifies as this or
    that to be themselves, they Must be Self-Hating IF they do Not Meet a
    “Litmus Test”, which more often than Not is a Bigoted test.
    If you
    are gay, that DOES NOT MEAN you MUST be For Gay Marriage, That Does Not
    Mean you Must be against DOMA or DADT, and it DOES NOT MEAN that being
    against those things means you are a Gay basher or a Gay Hater. It ONLY
    means you are an Individual, which last I looked is Still LEGAL in the
    USA, the Left is Trying to make Individualism Illegal, but it ain’t yet!

    of Sticking-it-to-him, because he does Not Live up to someone’s Ideals,
    maybe find out for Sure that he is what someone who holds a grudge
    against says he is, Then find out WHY he believes as he does. Not from some On-Air interview, but talk To Him, Not About Him.
    someone Never led to anything positive, and the term Gay, as applied to
    GLBTs is Supposed to mean Happy in life, but Nothing about this article
    is showing Pride NOR Happiness, you ALL Are Only Showing a Hatred for
    Anything Different Without Knowing ANYTHING FOR SURE.
    Yes, you Might
    have seen him in public, doing this or that. But DID YOU EVER ASK, or
    did you Only ASSUME. Did you mother not break down that word for you?
    ASS/U/ME (Assume Only makes and azz out of u and me).

    Before you try to destroy someone, Get to Know them.

    And, IF you Say, (in a whiney voice), “I don’t WANT to know him…”, then keep your trap Shut, until you know with verifiable Proof that he is or is not what you and others SAY he is. Gossip ONLY shows you to be a Lesser Human.

  • edav38

    Being HOT, does NOT make a man Gay, Having Color-coordination issues Does NOT make a man Gay.

    And Until you are IN the Bedroom with someone, the Most “OUT” gay man is NOT Gay.(unless they are in a thong at Folsom Street)

  • edav38

    So, Fashion Sense Determines if you are GAY?

  • edav38

    You think he wears them cause he is Republican?!?!
    MANY MANY Gay men have NO Fashion Sense!!!

  • edav38

    As a Libertarian, I have to say, he HAS a Right to Privacy, UNTIL he is Elected to Office, then he gives that up. His Right to Privacy ENDS at the Ballot Box.

  • Truth Be Told Again .

    I’ve never seen it to fail yet. Every single right – wing homophobe I have ever met in my life, has been a closeted queer . It’s one of the many, many reasons I find conservatism to be a mental illness .

  • Thom Prentice

    Skeptical suggested I was a homophobe. Let him — and everyone — read THIS:

    BlockBuster Read: After MSNBC Analyst Compares a Man’s Love for Jesus as Homoerotic, a Scholar Explains —

    Hey Skeptical: Suck you own dick for a change. LOL

  • really?

    Did you just call someone gay as an insult on a gay blog? Maybe this blog isn’t for you.

  • Thom Prentice

    Totally hot. I would do him, In a nanonsecond, Qnd then issue a news release.! Squeal!

  • Thom Prentice

    Skeptical, you are a Big Homo yourself! LOL

  • Well at least you make your threats in public… oh wait! I’ll bet your name isn’t really Beowulf is it!

  • Bam! You got us there!

  • You obviously don’t know the definition of “Gay-Bash” dearie! Leave that to those of us who live it won’t you? Conflating Outing with Gay-Bashing just prove that you don’t have a clue!

  • Skeptical

    So dumb. I am straight and would love to wear those pants. Those shoes clearly say they are for his nieces; they don’t look large enough to fit him and I highly doubt that he just haaad to get two pairs with pink stripes because they are too darling not too. And then basing sexuality on a jawline, a shave, a posed picture, and working out? Obviously he takes pride in his body and exercise is a big part of his life, so obviously he would share that. There are many 32-year-olds that would take these same pictures. I am not going to speculate about his sexuality one way or another. I’m not going to go so far as to say that I really care. But solidifying that a man is gay because of these pictures is far-fetched and presumptuous.

  • AlamoSpartan

    Oh, so you say gossiping gay people are “just like normal”people”? Uh, Vance, you do realize that is the equivalent of saying gay people are abnormal.

  • Gus Calvo

    I was thinking, he is quite a looker and know how to pull the fierce factor on some of those photos… and he seems to be aficionado to muscle bears.

  • barbarajmay


  • barbarajmay

    Wicked funny

  • Scott Capurro

    Has anyone mentioned how hot he is? Cuz he is. Totally hot.

  • kimsbutt

    Okay. I’ve revisited the photos and I honestly cannot defend him given the picture with the wine barrel. The shoes I might be able to overlook if they were in earth tones, but goddamit the wine barrel photo did it.

  • kimsbutt

    Whoa, before you start linking things, maybe you should actually find some research to the effect. I don’t doubt that there is a gay gene, but somehow linking it to lisping is like linking a gene for large noses to a Jewish gene, if their were one.

  • kimsbutt

    Why can’t a guy just wear nice or cool shoes? By saying your gaydar pings because of his shoes just reinforces the stereotypes of gay men as flamboyant peacocks. Does everyone who lisps ping your gaydar? What about their hair? If they collect art are they gay? only if it’s Erte?

  • I had a lisp as a kid, and I’m gay. Who’s to say the genes aren’t linked? Why are we so quick to dismiss any possible phenotypical manifestation of a gay gene?

  • That would make it awfully hard to date, not believing anyone I got out with is gay until I first see a photo of them doing the nasty with another guy.

  • Actually, the shoes are part of the larger gaydar package that suggests something’s going on with this guy. Gay culture exists. And it manifests itself in various ways. Including clothing choices, and the way we speak, and gesticulate, and so much more.

  • G, have you ever actually met a gay person? Why are you so invested in the notion that we look, act, sound, dress exactly like straight people? Are you embarrassed that there are fey gay men? Men who sound gay when they talk? Who dress kinda gay? Because they do. You can throw the stereotype word around all you want, but everyone who is gay knows exactly what I’m talking about, and we’re not embarrassed about it. You however, seem to be.

  • And of course, he doesn’t follow a lot of athletes so he couldn’t quite give that answer ;-)

  • Oh we’re happy to slam democrats who are anti-gay bigots too. Ask Harold Ford what kind of reception we gave him when he was running for the Senate.

  • You are absolutely right. You can never, ever, tell if a guy is gay by the way he walks, and walks, and his mannerisms and the way he dresses.

  • Jack Steen

    Go down to East Peoria or any one of the towns in Central Illinois in Schock’s district – ask any adult that walks by you what they know about Schock. Not what they “feel,” not what they “heard,” but what they KNOW.

    Aaron Schock is as queer as catshit on a wedding cake.

    And he’s a member of the mutant RepubliKlan Party.

    A lot like being a Jewish supporter of the Nazi Party, eh ?

    So don’t bore me with your crying about “…his rights to privacy,” or any other such pleasantry that he himself, as well as his party of pederasts, denies to people that practice an “alternative lifestyle.”

  • DGT

    Sounds like a strawman argument to me.

  • kimsbutt

    Hmmmm. I got nothin’.

  • Ninong

    That outfit he wore to the White House picnic — white jeans, fluorescent turquoise belt, hot pink shirt — made him look like a gift-wrapped present for a gay birthday party.

  • Ninong

    Melissa Harris was herself the child of a black father and a white Mormon mother, so she relates to the black baby in a white Mormon family situation more than most people but her comment was in poor taste and she apologized to Gov. Romney, who publicly accepted her apology.

    Aaron Schock is a congressman who is opposed to anything that would benefit gay people, whether it’s marriage equality, protection from discrimination in hiring and firing, repeal of Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell, repeal of DOMA, just about anything. He was even a supporter of an amendment to the Constitution that would have prohibited same-sex marriage. That’s pretty hypocritical if you ask me, regardless of his political party affiliation.

  • Ninong

    Larry Craig is a scumbag! I remember back in the early 1980’s when he was the only congressman to release a public statement denying that he had anything to do with the sex-with-teenage-congressional pages scandal that was big news at the time. I believe he was in his late 30’s at the time and he blamed the rumors, that he said accused him, on the fact that he was unmarried. He fixed that problem by marrying a woman with three children the following year.

    He still denies that he is gay, just that he was guilty of disorderly conduct with that handsome young cop in the airport men’s room, that’s all. Disorderly conduct with a young cop in the men’s room is what he pled guilty to and what cost him $575 in fines. His $217,000 legal fees were paid by taxpayers because he funded it entirely with campaign contributions, which he refused to pay back. He claimed that his visit to the men’s room was part of his trip and since the trip was allowed by Senate rules, so was his visit to the men’s room and any expenses related to such men’s room visit.

    No need to fret about Larry Craig. He’s now working as a highly-paid lobbyist for Republican causes. And he’s still officially “not-gay.”

  • Ninong

    You’re talking about former Penn State defensive coordinator Jerry Sandusky, convicted serial pedophile who was straight in all of his adult sexual relationships, as are almost all pedophiles. Gay men are not interested in young boys, no matter what you dream up in your wildest dreams.

  • Bob Gappa

    Thank you very much.

  • GBannis

    Stereotype much?

  • GBannis

    Wow. Let’s stereotype gay people!

  • Annette Greco

    Apparently, it’s okay to out and gay-bash a public figure when he’s GOP. Just like it’s okay for Melissa Harris-Perry to make racist jokes about a black baby when it’s Mitt Romney’s grandchild.

  • ta2t2o

    OK – so I was doubting whether this was legitimate or not. However, the Tom Daley thing – and then unfollowing him – seriously. No, I mean seriously. If you were secure in your sexuality – you wouldn’t have had to unfollow him. You would have been able to say “I follow a lot of athletes. So what.” The fact that he’s no longer following him is what makes you suspect there may be validity to this story.

  • bexar

    Ted Nugent??

  • bexar

    ummmm….i like big hairy men….am i gay still gay because their not “little boys”

  • Truth

    LOL cry me a river buddy sorry but NO !

  • JeanMarieSchmith

    No self-respecting gay man would be wearing those shoes. He purchased and wears them because he’s a Republican.

  • Dan

    It’s much ado about nothing if he’s a gay-hating straight? Gay-hating is a problem no matter one’s orientation.

  • Jaime Gandarilla

    It is DISGUSTING, goddam Uncle Tom mother-lover. ARGH! #soangry

  • Julia1wolfe

    Have friends who have seen him at gay bars. Just sayin’.

  • Yes, it is, Bob Gappa.
    He is now banned. We are leaving his comments up as an example of what some people still think, and because other commenters have responded to him.

  • John Nnn

    True, Craig’s overcompensating for his being gay by being rabidly anti-gay justifies nothing. I think the gay glee over his being caught needed to be tempered with holding him to task purely for his anti-gay activities, just as for a 100% hetero congressman who did the same anti-gay maneuvers as Craig. I know there is validity to the “pot calling the kettle black” accusation, but at times the gay delight at one of the enemy being outed seems — a bit — sourced in the same homophobia that causes schoolboys to taunt the gay kid on the playground. I remember how gay blogs had such fun with Michelle Bachman’s husband Marcus. Yes, it was startling that the guy who runs a “cure the gay” clinic reminded me of Liberace when he talked. Listen, I was just as confounded by that clip of him and Michelle jitterbugging on the campaign trail as everyone else. But there was a certain heft given to putting him down for being “nelly” or whatever. I pity anyone who would put one of my friends down purely for the crime of being nelly. I agree that there are complexities to dealing with the offensive closeted public figure and, admittedly, harmless movie stars are one thing and legislation-wielders are something else.

  • Bob Gappa

    Great you create a whole back story for him and at the end you offer him”pity”.

  • Bob Gappa

    Is this the type of comment I flag? I’m new here and am just wondering.

  • Bob Gappa

    I would out those types if I could.

  • Bob Gappa

    Did Sir Craig injure a certain group of humans with his votes?

  • Bob Gappa

    hehhehe you are lame.

  • Bob Gappa

    Sir bungwadbeowulf32 you just suggested killing “girly boys” You sir are a boil on the ass of Sir Koch. You have little or nothing and sit at your computer and become big because that is the only big you’ll find looking down.

  • Bob Gappa

    What is hidden under a rock will sooner or later crawl out.

  • Bob Gappa

    You can’t rat out a rat.

  • Mike_in_the_Tundra

    I think you’re missing the point of some of this. Why were we so delighted at Larry Craig being busted in the airport restroom? Because of the damage he did to the gay community over the years. He voted for every anti-gay piece of legislation that came along. He obviously felt that voting that way would give him more cover. Schock is doing the very same thing. He doesn’t care what his voting record does as long as he is covering his ass.

    Normally, I would have little problem with someone being closeted except i feel it is a stupid place to live. I have a big problem with someone damaging other LGBT people.

  • John Nnn

    “…with a lisp”? Careful, folks, for that sure sounds like internalized homophobia to me. Having a lisp is not a weakness; it’s a physical/anatomical characteristic. (Now I’m reminded of that way cute middle-aged straight guy I used to work with whose adorableness was only heightened by his heart-melting lisp — shows you what a pervert I am, eh?) [N.B.: On re-reading Karmanot’s comment, I wonder if he was using lisp as a put-down of Beowulf’s education. Hard to tell how insults are intended sometimes. I digress….] I get annoyed when gay people “accuse” someone of being gay as a put-down. When what’s-his-name Congressman Airport Toe-Tapper got busted, many gay people were delighted that he was “caught” and outed as “one.” Was it that surprising that a middle-aged man — someone who grew up in very homophobic times — denied his sexuality early on, did the “right thing” and married a woman, and sought sex in anonymous settings. Gee, who among us did not have difficulties accepting our sexuality prior to coming out? Closet-hood is not a desired state, but an unfortunate byproduct of our country’s social history of homophobia. Sheesh, what got into me this morning?

  • lisablass

    Tea party in the house.

  • lisablass

    Wow, beowulf, overthinking my post a little much? You seem to relish describing details of gay s e x I see? Go get some counseling and get yourself educated…not like you care. The vast majority of suicide of gay kids have nothing at all to do with sex and everything to do with bullying over their sexual identity. People like you are complicit, and quite frankly your response is utterly frightening like you’re reliving a fantasy in your mind…please get help while you still can.

  • beowulf32

    No the little boys that kill themselves are a product of same sex Pedophiles, that ” Gays ” like you, that stick there [email protected] up there a$$ where it was not supposed to go. And then they see all the normal kids in school and they wonder why the shit had to happen to them so they take there own life. You`ens have been covering this up and just playing it off as bulling by other kids, when it has been the gay community that has been producing all these new little boys that cant live with them selves for what you did to them. You ever go back and try and find some of the victims, that you have molested and raped and see how there doing today. I bet you have not and there is a good chance that maybe half of your victims have killed themselves to. Hope you can live with that, when you go to what ever maker you pray to when your as dead as some of them little boys you love so well.

  • James in Baltimore

    who advocates against the best interests of the gay community. If Rep. Schock is in fact gay and verifiable proof can be obtained, the media is obligated to expose his hypocrisy. If he is straight, then this is all much ado about nothing.

  • James in Baltimore

    I am opposed to the outing of people except in cases where the person is a public official

  • I’m pretty sure you can see his basket of Easter Eggs in his pic with that muscle bear ;-)

  • teapartyidiots

    Ahhhh….Miss Lindsey. It was so pervasive, Huff Po banned calling him that.

  • Russell C Stephens

    I know, Right?

  • gawd damn hay people. For the last time, no hay allowed in congrass!

  • kimsbutt

    I understand the hypocrisy of opposing gay rights initiatives whilst being gay, but you don’t do any one any favors by judging him by his shoes.

  • No, we’ve been mocking Lindsay Graham’s obvious hypocritical gayness for years, and I doubt many people find him attractive. Just because you find Schock attractive, doesn’t mean everyone here does.

    We are having an American Spring; many people across the country are finally waking up and realizing that being a bigot isn’t acceptable in a civilized society. You can fight it kicking and screaming all you want, but you either believe in equality or you don’t. If you want to continue to live like Lord of the Flies, you’re going to have to find some place else.

  • kimsbutt

    Shit, he only deadlifts 225?i’M 5’6″, 165 and I pull 265. RECALL HIM!

  • Some of us are stereotypes. Let’s embrace inclusiveness.

  • Isn’t that special. Be sure you wipe twice after cleaning house. ” there`re agenda.” Do you also pronounce the former with a lisp?

  • WhoDatGirl

    Name of the reputable source? It’s not very reputable if you can’t provide the name.

  • beowulf32

    Its the Queer agenda at work here they are not happy that a man, who they find attractive is not gay and votes against there`re agenda. These girly boys are nothing but political Terrorist and there complicit in terrorism on this Government Rep by trying to defame his name in the political arena and on FB. And as a fellow repub you girly boys better hope we don’t have an American Spring here in this country like they did in Egypt because where going to end shit like this going on in are country and clean house.

  • WhoDatGirl


  • Peter Weadick

    Hay people are…

  • Married With Children

    To prove you’re straight, we’ll need a photo of you and a woman. Ante up, mister. (psst, it’s not just the photos, genius.)

  • Inis_Magrath

    If it is proven he is gay, then he should resign because obviously he believes hay people are second class citizens and therefore unfit to serve in congress.

  • John Smith

    Agreed. This article is a bit of a low blow.

    I’m more upset though that the public is antagonizing him about his sexuality (regardless of his hypocrisy). A lot of gay people were brought up in a religiously stringent community and are too confused and scared after an entire lifetime of repressing to express themselves genuinely. He probably has his family, friends, and church members who all don’t condone homosexuality– then he has the rest of the world bombarding him.

    I’m not condoning his actions at all, but I feel pity rather than anger.

  • googoo

    “My gay-dar is never wrong and it’s pinging like we’re in a bath house.”

  • km13

    Aaron Schocks sexuality is not surprising to most people in his district. He does try his best to try to hide it while in public though. I say this as a former bartender at restaurant he would frequent. I saw and heard things that let me know he is, without question, gay. It would not matter to me whatsoeverexcept that he denies it. How do you deny something that is such a huge part of the person you are? How am I suppose to trust what you stand for as a politician when you can’t stand for what you believe in, Mr Schock? Then again, you are a politician. I shouldn’t be surprised.

  • Jezzer

    Conservative gays are fucking morons. I think they’re banking on being trustees in the concentration camps when the Religious Right finally takes over.

  • Jezzer

    There’s a difference between being a “jerkface” and actively seeking legislation to discriminate against gays while sucking cock on the downlow, secure in the knowledge that your power and influence will keep the legislation you voted for from affecting you.

  • Eric L.

    None of these things prove anything. Short of a pic of him with another guy, spreading around rumors is very irresponsible and unethical. The gay community seems to personify the worst part of high school.

  • Vance Decker

    Furthermore, that is what every vapid gossipy west Hollywood vulture says when it is defending some bullshit they heard while high on crack. Not interested.

  • Vance Decker

    Good for you. Nobody has ever said something so original. Wow. People are stupid. Do you have any other gems for us?

    Cows stand by piles of their own excrement all the time, what does this have to do with defending your non-argument? Nothing.

    “What country are you living in that you think our congressional representatives are voting their opinion or beliefs?”

    You want to discuss conspiracy theories? Go to PrisonPlanet and/or WorldNetDaily where one of the most popular conspiracies is that gays are purposefully ‘turning our kids’ …of course, someone who doesn’t stand for anything himself will fall for anything, despite the glaring contradictions.

  • Vance Decker

    Do you see where it has my name? Vance Decker? Look to the left. It’s right there.

  • lisablass

    Aaron Schock would be the Jew burning his own relatives in Nazi Germany to win approval from the Nazis. Any gay person who is aware of his orientation has an OBLIGATION to come forward and out hyprocrites who indirectly cause the beatings and suicides of so many young gay people.

  • SJ Hernandez

    I stand by what I said because it is my opinion just as you are entitled to you own however, your ignorance is offensive by assuming that gay people spend all their time on queerrty and manhunt. Obviously we spend our time purchasing lots of shoes, drinking mountain dew, working out and posting on that thing called the instagrams.

    I fully stand by my “people are stupid” comment because the people reading this article aren’t going to care enough to actually look into where his rhetoric is coming from. If it isn’t spelled out plainly in simple words and easily interpreted photos it will not garner the attention of the masses. But inflammatory posts like this one fueled by speculation and opinions from other people who are taken as fact are always nice to read.

    I still don’t care what his voting record is, I still don’t care to know anything about him and I still believe he is one voice in a crowd of many. What country are you living in that you think our congressional representatives are voting their opinion or beliefs? If you really want to make a difference get off the bandwagon and look into the people who are funding him because even if you get him removed from office they are going to plug the next person who is willing to relay their message for them.

  • Eric McDowell

    He’s not a homosexual. He’s a homoSENSUAL, dahlink.

  • Nicholas

    Where is the love?

  • Elijah Snow

    While I applaud outing him, this is NOT the right way. It looks like a desperate move. We need to out him in a smart way. In a foolproof way. While this is obviously a satire, or has some satirical tinge to it, I think playing on stereotypes is downright harmful to all of us. After ll, by reinforcing stereotypes we make the rest of the members of our community invisible, that is, those who do not fit the stereotype.

  • SexyJewsus

    The more against homosexuality, the more homo the person.

  • Rickster Rickster

    given there are reputable sources as to his behavior, HE’S GAY! does he really need to be caught with a luggage handler?

  • Rickster Rickster

    THERE ARE OTEHR SOURCES. the photos are just an example.

  • Rickster Rickster

    diatribe? the dude has been caught in a shower by a reputable source. HE’S GAY. and quite the little flamer too.

  • Rickster Rickster

    he be vedy vedy vedy gay

  • Patrick Bateman redux. Period.

  • rebelwithoutacuz

    Well, he is a happy idiot.

  • justathought

    I don’t like labeling behaviors as gay and I hate forced outings even if the person whose sexuality is in question is a jerkface. I found a blog on gawker the other day called and I agree with the person who posted it and it shouldn’t even have to be a ‘thing’, but articles such as this and Itay Hod’s diatribe show why it still happens.

  • Pete

    thinking that somebody is gay by watching some photos on Instagram or based on rumors is dumb; and who cares, anyway? apparently, he already chose what he will represent as a politician – i have problem with that. also, i do not think he cannot believe in the “traditional” definition of marriage etc if he is gay. i know conservative gay ppl. i mean really-really conservative ones. and they are not “closetcase” or schizophrenic at all — i think this post is just too much. even in the us, it is weird why people (especially gays) care about the sexual orientation of politicians instead of looking at/agreeing/disagreeing what they say.

  • Vance Decker

    The only thing that outfit screams is WASP.

  • Vance Decker

    I like empirical data. I’ve known too many gossipy gay ‘close friends’ who make up all sort of shit because they think they know something they don’t.

    There was TMZ video of him trolling gay bars? I’d like to see that.

  • PEric70

    Where there is this much smoke, there’s fire. Believe what you want.

  • Vance Decker

    “People are stupid, if this dude is gay let him be, he is one voice in a crowd of many.”

    No, you’re stupid. and your ignorance is offensive.

    Never heard of this guy? Try reading something other than queerrty and manhunt. You’re right up there with Sarah Palin.

    FURTHERMORE, he is NOT “one voice in a crowd of many” he is a United States Congressman!


  • Vance Decker

    Advocating? This is well beyond advocating. This man has power. His votes determine the course of lives.


  • Vance Decker

    I moved on to rockstar.

  • Vance Decker

    That doesn’t matter one shit to me. Gay people gossip and lie, just like normal people, even your ‘close friends’

  • PEric70

    I know him, he’s not lying and he’s held off on this story for quite some time.

  • Vance Decker

    Why the hell would you be happy? Because he’s cute? How fucking shallow.

    Should I remind you that he’s done physical lasting damage to people’s lives?! Maybe you should find some circuit party to hand out condoms at.

  • Vance Decker

    Because, consider for a second that he, the journalist not Aaron, could be….um…lying?

  • Vance Decker

    Why because you got excited? That’s sick. I hope you both get Hep C and HSV.

  • Vance Decker

    Lindsey Graham?

  • Vance Decker

    If Aaron Schock is just another worthless bigot, then big deal. what else is new. However, if he is another closet case like George Reker

    Whose actions have actively destroyed lives, then he should be either shot by firing squad or hung by a noose as a traitor. Now, I don’t know if there are any laws against threatening a congressmen, but I would just point out that saying ‘should be’ is far from an active and credible threat.

    Knowing the gay community though, if he is actually gay and eventually comes out, he will simply be welcomed in pending some sort of absurd apology, because our community is shallow and falls for a pretty face anytime, and/or conservative gays will welcome him for his bravery, noting how much harder it is for conservative gays, even in our own communities.

    Nobody will question how being privately in the closet is different from being a sick closet case and actively destroying the lives of innocent people.

    I for one hope this is all one big lie, because I don’t want this worthless sack of human shit to be gay.

  • sirald66

    With a cock in their mouth.

  • PEric70

    He’s right up there with Roy Cohen and the Vichy Government in France during World War II.

  • sirald66

    He IS attractive. Only on the outside, though.

  • Glaciusx


  • Cufflinksandtie

    I’ve spent a lot of time in Jacksonville- Schock came to a civic deal but I didn’t bother to drive the 2 minutes to see if he is really hot. J’ville has 20,000 peeps, some gay, 13 organs, and 6 colleges. But there is a lot of farmville between the towns, so his (wide) ‘stance’ is purely political.

  • paul_h

    when an analogy is coming your way do you duck or are you just short

  • PeoriaGuy

    Senator Mark Kirk

  • Ninong

    Here’s the message: aaronschock is not sharing photos with everyone :(

    Looks like he took his photos into the closet with him.

  • Schlukitz

    Believe it or not, there were lots of women (and men) who denied or refused to believe that Liberace was gay. One ladyfriend of mine had an expression that she used all the time. “Liverace can park his slippers under my bed anytime he likes.” And, she meant it. LOL

  • Cody McCubbin

    He should be allowed to vote since the represents the people of his district, the only people who can say he should not be allowed to vote, are the people he represents.

  • Schlukitz

    Once, many years ago, I had a “boyfriend” like that. Dropped him like a hot potatoe. Hate people who lie to themselves.

  • Schlukitz

    Do come back and check again….

  • Alexis Snell Davis-To Be

    Where is Anthony Weiner when you need him!?

  • Canuck

    No but it would be highly correlated…

  • Canuck

    Agreed. Psychology 101…. There’s also a line, I believe it’s from Shakespeare:

    “Methinks he doth protest too much”

  • Schlukitz

    If you do not see the gay, then I submit that perhaps you, yourself, are in denial?

  • Schlukitz

    Perhaps his “pinger” is broken? ;-)

  • Schlukitz

    Precisely. A man who is secure with his sexuality, does not need to go around banging his fist on his chest to proclaim his straightness. Nor, is he possessed with all things gay…he’s too busy looking for pussy. ;-)

  • Schlukitz

    More than likely. ;-)

  • Richard La France

    I don’t think a gay man would ever dress as horribly as he does…unless that’s just part of his denial. The important think is his voting habit. He absolutely needs to be called out about that whether he’s gay or not. Frankly, I’m hoping he’s not. We don’t need friggin’ liars and bigots in our community.

  • Kevin Sullivan

    Well, how about showering with another guy? Is he just super eco-friendly?

  • Jeff

    who is the second gay closeted official?

  • Lev Raphael

    You really think his Adam’s apple is gay? His jawline? Are you serious? What about his eyebrows or his feet? And you think his being at the gym with hunks is gay? Or lifting weights? Have you ever worked out? Played pickup games of B-ball? There are plenty of straight men at my gym who could easily be photo-shopped into these pictures and “outed.” As for his pants, they’re not gay, they’re tasteless.


    He is the SECOND gay elected official from Illinois that refuses to come out of the closet.

  • WordOfTruth

    Gimme a few hours with him. I’ll make him come out.

  • bloopie

    no gaydar?

  • Lev Raphael

    How are his Instagram photos gay? I’m saying that as someone who would be happy to find out Schock is a hypocrite and closeted, but his Instagram photos are no proof of anything, and neither is following Tom Daley. I had a super straight trainer at my gym who admired Johnny Depp and liked to hang around other partly-dressed men–at competitions. Does that mean he’s gay?

  • sequoiaqueneaux

    I don’t see the “hotness.” He looks like a real douchie weenie. Gross.

  • notkeith

    This guy reminds me of the famous “The Onion”
    dated July 6, 2005.

  • Casey

    I am from Washington, IL. Have known he is gay for years. The republicans would not believe me.

  • Moderator3

    Please do not post in all capital letters. It is considered rude.

  • JordanKratz

    That GOPe is so Gay.Not a GOPer at all he is a Gulper !

  • tmess

    The bear with him posing in the gym looks an awful lot like a Kristen Bjorn model- Jalil Jafar. For some reason I know that.

  • Joey Frank


  • Joey Frank
  • Joey Frank

    alls i say to the way he dresses and acts is

  • Jon

    The more a man talks against gays and gay rights, the more likely it is he is gay. I think everyone knows that.

  • paul_h

    studying musical theatre doesnt give you a good gaydar, just like staring at the sun doesnt make you good at seeing

  • Okay. You win.

  • ToodySezHey

    Id pay good money to see that, particulary if he is topless….and slathered in baby oil…and..and..

  • ToodySezHey

    Life received, lol

  • ToodySezHey

    Sigh..the hottest guys are always gay. I would do things to that man…naughty things.

    This congressman proves the joke Dom Irerra said on an episode of Dr. Katz that I didnt really understand til I spent a few days in the Village in NYC. He said ” I thought about being gay,, but I cant get into that kind of shape”.

    Judging by the joke, Aaron Schock is gay as hayle.

  • Ida Slapter

    Gayer than a pecker with a ring of dooky on it.

  • tim koolmees

    i would do him :-)

  • DrCaligari

    He’s probably SOME man’s man.

  • DrCaligari

    And it just married Liza Minnelli.

  • JohnandFrederick Forgas-Feeley


  • JohnandFrederick Forgas-Feeley


  • JohnandFrederick Forgas-Feeley

    Yall are freaking killing me lolz

  • Bruch Reed

    You are a fucking idiot if you “don’t particularly care what his voting record is.” His voting record on gay civil rights is ZERO. He is one of our greatest enemies. I hope he is rotting in lispy, fustian stew of pathetic denials tonight and shame on you for being too damn dumb to understand why he’s a threat to your well being.

  • Ryan Madden

    …and can make a real difference, is what I should have said.

  • Schlukitz

    That was priceless. Carol Burnett certainly was freeboobing in that skit. LOL

  • Ryan Madden

    He is my rep. Just wondering if anyone else who’s posted here is in my district.

  • Schlukitz

    You’re absolutely right. All those items you enumerated are responsible for where we are today in the same manner that every and every grain of sand is responsible for creating a beach.

  • Common Sense

    At this point I’m not sure he has any photos that don’t set off gaydar signals.

  • Common Sense

    That’s what Aaron said.


  • Common Sense

    I’m not gay but gaydar is not only full rainbow its also playing Broadway soundtracks.

  • Schlukitz

    Right on, John. You nailed it.

  • Schlukitz

    Nor, has he shown “proof” that he is a man’s man.

  • Schlukitz

    A tiara would be more fitting. LOL

  • loaferguy

    Uh huh. And then there’s this outfit which just screams, “I’m straight”.

  • Edvin Lee

    Gay or not, this guy is a total douchebag that should not be allowed to vote or take part in policy making. How can anyone vote to discriminate. Shame on you!

  • Derek Williams

    I don’t own any underwear. Free balling has been a lifestyle choice since I was in my teens. I do it for comfort primarily. I believe we weren’t meant to bind our body parts in constrictive clothing… it’s not natural.

  • Bill Nedra Bill

    He is beautifully Gay. It is unfortunate his self-hate has caused him to be his own enemy: well he is not the first GOP closet-gay man to act so cowardly.

  • TimCraig

    My unicorn’s shitting rainbow’s, screaming hysterically, both pumps running……

  • jayjay

    My gaydar just went full rainbow…

  • divadarya

    Mountain Dew is not gay. Just addictive.

  • Schlukitz

    Works for me. :-)

  • Schlukitz


  • Ian_Llanganagain

    Or facial. (Take that any way you like ;-) )

  • Ian_Llanganagain

    If you don’t particularly care what his voting record is, it follows that you don’t particularly care what, if any, your civil right are either. Perhaps this is an issue that bears a little more analysis on your part so that you can determine where your anger ought properly to be directed.

  • BungeeCord

    All he needs to do now is tweet a picture of his next pedicure.

  • Schlukitz

    I don’t particular care what his voting record is.

    Then you obviously don’t care about your civil rights…or that of your LGBT brothers and sisters.

    Not only do you sound angry…you also self-hating.

  • Teammm

    Gayer than a Sunflower.

  • bigperm

    Being gay is not the issue…advocating against homosexuality is. Advocating against it when you may in fact be gay is called HYPOCRISY and this nation needs desperately to get rid of a whole lot of it (hypocrisy that is)

  • Burger Queen


  • Tyler Dresser

    Can’t be a hipster when over thirty, Repub, and hetero.

  • Gayer than Springtime.

  • Judy

    Oh, please! He’s gay, trust me I’m studying Musical Theatre I have a finely tuned gaydar.

    (And I’m not trying to offend anyone by stereotyping, so I apologize if I did.)

  • TedSallis

    It’s confirmed. Failure to lock out a 225 lb deadlift= GAY. Sorry dude. See also:Crossfit

  • Wolf Forrest

    The phrase is Queer as a 3 dollar bill.

  • April Breck

    Um, because hypocrisy?

  • Stefan Tonio

    heeeeey, wait- the whining is one of the best parts of doing them…………. :-p

  • Morey Soffo

    Gay Republicans are like gay Marines: they’ll bottom, but they won’t kiss because “kissing is gay.”

    /s/ USN (Ret.) … and Gay.

  • SJ Hernandez

    Never heard of this guy before today, looking through the photos I’m not sure what is so gay about them, he posted a photo of shoes, a lot of my male friends have more than 4 pairs of shoes big deal, he posted photo in some plaid pants that look like they came from a hipsters retirement home and that’s gay? Seriously? What else, he got a shave and men shaving by all accounts is the most gay action possible, possibly much more gay than being caught in the middle of an orgy with 10 dicks all over you right guys? Jawline’s make you gay? Wow looks like we found the tell for gay, look out everyone if you see someone with a jawline they have the gay! Mountain Dew is delicious because fuck you, anyone who says Mountain Dew is gay is gay. And he posted some photos of the place he works out at because no one ever does something like that right?

    People are stupid, if this dude is gay let him be, he is one voice in a crowd of many. I don’t particularly care what his voting record is, I don’t care what his beliefs are, we have people who have died to protect the right for us to be free and make our own choices.

    source: angry gay guy (-__-”)!!

  • Dro

    I was about to settle in to this post and view some “gay” pics and didn’t see any.

  • Skips

    Gayer than: Does this cock in my mouth make me look gay?

  • SJ Hernandez

    no, they scream hipster
    source: I’m gay.

  • Emma Duncan

    …just so sad…,so gay, and so sad…

  • Elvin

    I agree. Not just out him but destroy and ruin his career and her name that he has used to oppress and demean others.
    And what truly bothers me is that queens still think that disgusting pos is attractive.

  • loaferguy

    Gayer than an Oreo cookie.

  • loaferguy

    Gayer than an Oreo cookie.

  • Joel Hughes

    Straight as a pretzel!

  • Make it go away

    Queer as a 2 dollar bill…

  • a pushy one at that…..I would so use a ball gag on him, if only to stop the whining.

  • Oh please…….

  • Finnsmom1

    those tight plaid pants scream “I’m Gay”.

  • Ron Marotto

    yeh that voice is a dead giveaway, and those shoes! Mary pleassse!

  • tdvtt

    The eyes. The “deer in the headlights syndrome.” When a closet case is scared s-less that the person to whom he is speaking might be thinking to himself, “Hmm. could this guy be gay,” it is almost impossible to neutralize that look of terror in his eyes.

  • Derek J. White

    He is a cowardly lyin’ : )

  • Jeremy Adkison

    If he is gay, he is clearly covered by the ‘Frank Rule’ and outing him is not only the morally correct thing to do, we have a MORAL IMPERATIVE to do so. He cannot be a part of the very harm against his community he would otherwise deride in his personal life.

    No free ride for the gay people who stand against our equality and dignity.


  • John Masters

    They don’t…they hang upside down in their caves during the DAY so the sun won’t kill them.

  • I’ll bet he twerks at home when no one’s looking too.

  • John Masters

    Except for being caught in the shower together with that journalist’s male roommate…but hey, maybe they WERE just trying to conserve water…

  • aldebaran

    My gaydar exploded

  • Ron Marotto

    Grow a pair you sick puppy and come out of that closet! You self-loathing POS.

  • ColoKat

    Do NOT lump the whole GOP in with this No Kiss-No Tell idiot! Hypocrisy is an evil that should be dealt with with TRUTHS. SHOW the world IF he is! Photos I’ve seen are just a little shady-there is nothing that says that he is. I know men who are more feminine and not gay and from what I see-you haven’t shown PROOF yet.

  • Jose M

    Looks like a big bottom boy!

  • DennyD

    he sounds totally gay..

  • Torg

    The fact that he uses instagram period at his age is suspect.

  • Skips

    Straight as Roy Cohn, Larry Craig, and Ted Haggard. I hope he never gets to see a naked male ever again.

  • Ray

    Oh there ain’t no use deny’n, I’m just a dandy lion, a fate I don’t deserve.
    I’d be gay, I could swagger, I can swing like Ted Haggard if I only had the nerve.

  • Not so blind item. Now if Scock would stop being a self loather and stop voting to take gay right away.

  • Howe

    WTF is this shit? :-l

  • annaaurora

    the free balling was the best ever!!!!

  • preesi

    This is the best post Ive read all week.

  • Chi City Studio

    Very obvious. He is a real flamer. The only ones he is fooling is the right wing, everyone else can see it plan a pair of snazzy shoes and plaid pants….. Next he will be on Rupaul’s Drag Race.

  • Steve Goryan

    Try to focus comments on the topic, as opposed to generalizing a group of people. Because all we pink doting, gym going,fancy pants wearing, colorful shoe buying, purple flying, unicorn riding, feather boa indulging, man lusting, overly dramatic picture posing, Mountain Dew drinking, free ballin’, over-sexed ‘stereotypical’ gays love you, Elvin.

    Remarks like yours deter from the topic. As a reminder, it was something about how this man’s Twitter account is really gay, huh? Looks like I was still on topic. Whereas your comment here demonstrates that attacks on other members of this forum show you have nothing left to contribute. Take the hint.

  • Scottie Freeman
  • all1one

    So he hates himself. (What self-aware politician wouldn’t, at least a little?) With that tension, his positions can be not hypocritical, and his abs can stay tight. Win-win.

  • nycmcmike

    I’ve found the thing about gay Republicans is they make the best bottoms. Either that or I love f’n the s out of them.

  • only gay guys wear shoes like he has…Just look at his clothes!!…My gay-dar is tilting!!

  • Dave’s A Mainer

    Um, yeah. Soooo gay.

  • ToraHighman

    They said he was Gay… they didn’t say he was “Fashionably” gay!!

  • Island In The Sky

    OMG, John – I clicked one of the links in a related post where you call him “Cong Schock”, and let me tell you, laughs were aplenty. Also: that Mtn Dew pic…no symbolism in that shot – uh, huh ;)

  • Paul Vee

    Sorry, hon – Schock is gayer than Liberace arriving at a midnight screening of “The Boys In The Band” on a unicorn, twirling a rainbow flag cape and throwing confetti!!! #GayFace

  • hotstuffpdx

    fucker deserves to be outed. No fucking way. Karma will bite him in the ASS

  • splendiferous2

    Malignant narcissism, a branch on the tree of sociopathy.

  • Elvin

    Yup. Best comment ever. LMFAO

  • Elvin

    Stereotypical gay sexual post.

  • Elvin

    OMFG! I can’t! LMFAO!!!

  • Elvin

    Gay as a Richard Simmons skating in a pink jumpsuit shooting pink glitter out of Lady Gaga’s disco stick. The queen disgusts me.

  • UPDATE: Aaron Schock gets one more step closer to being outed.

  • gshscott

    She needs a crown

  • lll

    Gay as fuck. Nothing wrong with that. Hypocrisy is the way of the GOP, sadly.

  • Mike_in_the_Tundra

    Sweetie, the laundry part was a joke. I guess you needed one of these:


  • Jared H

    Right? I seriously would never, and am also gay. ALSO, Tom’s shoes……97% of them are ugly as fuck. I would also hardly wear those.

  • kathukid

    Hypocrisy, especially from closeted gay Congressmen who vote to discriminate against gay people, should always be exposed. How do these people sleep at night?

  • Shawn Lee

    I go commando for two reasons: Its just SO comfortable to me, and ease of access (when needing to use the toilet, sillies :P ). Having to launder one’s underwear is not even a consideration. Just putting it out there…umm…so to speak..

  • anonymous

    He’s gross.

  • cantake8

    …and all of his cool.

  • Shawn Lee

    Ahahaha!! “..a basket of sissy Easter eggs”. Good made my sides hurt with that one. Lol!

  • Shawn Lee

    Ahaha! You are shameless…just like the television show. Love it. :P

  • Shawn Lee

    OMG “Throws on a pink frock and starts singing “come out come out whereeeeever you are”::::::::: Then whacks him in the head with my wand. ” Rotflmao!! Too funny.

  • Leo Valaunt

    Oh yeah, he’s gay alright. Not that it matters but the fact that he’s denying himself is surely a big no-no. What’s the deal with the plaid pants? I’m gay and I would never ever wear those pants.

  • Rebecca Fine

    The fact that a conservative, anti-gay Republican congressman follows Tom Daley is certainly interesting.

  • Tom Tait

    Twirly as a party dress, happy as a stoner in Colorado, giddy as two Mormon gay boys in Salt Lake City, effervescent as a gay pride parade in the Castro, gay as a goose…. are geese gay? You get the picture. Those plaid pants…. sorry but that makes him look like a gay Rodney Dangerfield…… gaaaasp. And all those shoes? :::Throws on a pink frock and starts singing “come out come out whereeeeever you are”:::::::::

  • mmunson

    I hope he can evolve so he could be the next Judy Topinka. Maybe being outed will do a difference for him.

  • Moderator3

    You may want to go through the older posts until you find the link to fiction about Schock and Paul Ryan.

  • Steve Goryan

    LOL Thanks for your wonderful and ever-so-judgmental comment. You’re free to say and think whatever you like, of course. I’m just glad I’m not as holy as you are; I’ll continue to have fun thinking of this wonderful man getting caught doing something stupid. :-) Have a great night.

  • inthebusiness

    big queen comes to mind!

  • As his trick would say: “crystal clear.”

  • Put that wood back in the box porno troll. Seriously.

  • yassine
  • Steve Goryan

    You know, I’m looking as his build and I bet he’s a TIGER in the sack. Seriously. He’s probably concentrating on the young 18 year old jock he’s pounding, or getting pounded by while he’s doing whatever chick he’s with at the time. but I bet he’s rough to show off his manliness.

  • txiconoclast

    I think it’s from the original production which Azaria was in (and he was nominated for a Tony).

  • Steve Goryan

    Wow, in some closeups, this guy looks a lot like Hank Azaria.

  • Theo

    maybe a 100 ;)

  • Steve Goryan

    Seriously? I’d Google pics of him just because of that awesome ‘new workout best friend’ pic where he’s showing off what could be a decent package. Sexy, Mr. Schock, very sexy. Keep up the good work on your muscle training. I don’t care what you say, or how much you profess. That’s what ball gags are for! YEAH!

  • Theo

    that’s the best way to describe him; just something off about him

  • Well, let me clarify – no one in Congress is insignificant enough. They’ve all reached a position of power where hypocrisy is no longer tolerable. Just that if he runs for IL Gov, that will up the ante and I think force people to take him on directly over his sexual orientation.

  • Metaphorically, of course :)

  • There’s a showing-off-ness to his photos, and far too much self-adulation. The guy thinks he’s quite hot, it shows, and he doesn’t seem to get that crowing about how hot you are is not a welcome quality in a politician, or really any human being.

  • Ninong

    “I am not gay. I never have been gay.” — Sen. Larry Craig (R-ID, retired).

  • CoolDallasCat

    I didn’t read the text at the top and thought it was a profile of a modern American gay man with a healthy, extremely “fit” body clad in fabulous clothes, shoes etc. Then, I read the copy. Whoa!

  • God, you can smell his gayness up here in Michigan.

  • woodroad34

    He really works out alot to impress potential sex partners. I wonder if he really gets any other than just a dirty motel room and his right hand (with a rubber glove on…’cause you know he plays safe).

    If he is getting some….then it’s just a matter of time.

  • woodroad34

    That’s what Cam from “Modern Family” would look like if he lost 200 pounds.

  • Thom Allen

    “The thrill of victory and the agony of defeat.” And then, off to the showers together.

  • Thom Allen

    “The thrill of victory and the agony of defeat.”
    And then everyone heads to the showers.

  • Mike_in_the_Tundra

    So it’s possible to win and lose at the same time?

  • Thom Allen

    Check out his Instagram pic where he’s posing with Gabbard and O’Rourke. You’ll notice his defeated Turkish oil wrestling opponent collapsed behind him and to his left.

    Interesting that many of his Instagram photos, unlike many other politicians, aren’t about his political career but about vacations, relaxing and having fun. It seems like the dedicated, hard-working young man spends a lot of his work time visiting Europe, relaxing, playing around, shopping and goofing off rather than spending a lot of time doing those boring Congressional thingies that he’s being paid to do.

  • Thom Allen


  • Thom Allen

    Since a wrestler is not restrained by the rules from placing his hands inside of his opponent’s kispet (leather capri pants), though he may not invade his opponent’s rectum or grab his balls, (apparently the penis is fair game) to cause the opponent to submit. He may also use his grip on the kispet to pin his opponent. Additionally, if he pulls his opponent’s kispet so low that the opponent cannot rise without exposing himself, the opponent loses.

    So we know that the hand is not anally penetrating and not sac squeezing. Since the penis appears to be fair game, I wonder if you can get your opponent to submit by jacking him into immobility with a c*ck hammerlock?

  • Mike_in_the_Tundra

    Hell yes!!!

  • Mike_in_the_Tundra

    Where is that guy’s hand?

  • Mike_in_the_Tundra

    I don’t know what they call it, but maybe you can work on TV:

    BTW – when I was in college, wearing underwear with jeans was considered gauche.

  • cantake8

    I had the exact same thought.

  • cantake8

    Well played!

  • Nick

    “I think he’s not important enough yet to get the full outing treatment.” Reer, watch out, Congressman, a 50-year-old blogger and curator for the 11,139 most

    visited website in the US has his sights set on YOU. Beg he suffers your continued insignificance. And he can use coterie in a sentence…fear this man.

  • devlzadvocate

    “I’m not gay”, Ted Haggard.

  • Dakotahgeo

    At its “inflated” value yet!

  • Dakotahgeo

    What a poor excuse for a MAN, much less a GAY man! Neither side wants him!

  • The Cool Cookie

    To Heck with the Congressman, introduce us to Ross Thomas!

  • gulp! Turkish Delight

  • seant426

    “I am the good Prince Lancelot. I love to sing and dance a lot.”

  • seant426

    Trademark of a raging, closeted bottom.

  • seant426

    69 following, indeed.

  • pauljgo

    That belt just ties it all together.

  • It doesn’t look very impressive.

  • Ron Trinidad

    He had me going until the Crossfit post. Anyone who does Crossfit is an awful human being who should be taken out into the street and shot.

  • cantake8

    Apparently, neither does he!

  • cantake8

    Actually, that looks like a smaller-than-average penis poking forward.

  • Guest

    I would like to snip his Easter Eggs so there’s no danger of procreation.

  • cantake8

    Thanks for the nice comment!

  • mc8

    Best. Comment. Ever.

  • I think he’s not important enough yet to get the full outing treatment. But he seems to be on the fast-track, and especially if he runs for governor of Illinois, with that homophobic a record, I don’t see how he avoids a steady diet of outings. I for one am happy to raise money having a queer duck, or perhaps a closet, dog him on the campaign trail.

  • I’m pretty sure you can see his basket of Easter Eggs in his pic with that muscle bear ;-)

  • Plaids and checks are embedded on the Republican style gene, but, oh gurrl, that turquoise belt rocks.

  • Zorba

    Hee, hee!

  • Pronounced ‘sthssy’.

  • I want to keep a breast of things…..Inquiring minds want to know! :-)

  • Bingo!

  • Lawerence Collins

    I just wish he was a little closer then 2 hours away. I follow him day and night, video at the ready! I remember the pics of him at the RNC. He always seemed to be hanging out in the gayborhoods.

  • Lawerence Collins

    I live in Central Il. We don’t want that fraud either!

  • Zorba

    Heck, I’m an elderly woman, and even I knew what “freeballing” (and “going commando”) meant. And it sure ain’t mostly because they’re too lazy to wash their underpants.
    I usually go without a bra, because I find them constrictive and uncomfortable. Is there a female equivalent to “freeballing” when it comes to breasts? Inquiring minds want to know.

  • cantake8

    It almost seems like Schock gets away with murder because he’s cute and has a tendency to spill his purse in public.

  • LOL okay, hadn’t heard of that one. But yes, I added that to the post. It’s all the more weirdness.

  • Fair enough. I assume, wrongly, that people understand our motivation for going after people, and companies, and TV shows, when we do. It’s usually not just snark, but rather because I believe those entities have some power, and that we gain power, we gain a net benefit, and a significant one, by challenging them. It’s the argument we get on practically ever action we ever done – why go after pasta, that’s silly. Why go after Dr Laura, that’s still. Why go after Merriam Webster for an incorrect definition of gay in their thesaurus (years ago) – that’s silly. In the aggregate, all that silly is responsible for where we all are today :) But it’s a fair point about perhaps noting more often in their stories why they actually really do matter. Let me think about that, might be a good follow up post. Thanks,

  • A basket of easter eggs, that’s funny :)

  • Quite a hot young coterie of nubile young men he’s following there.

  • Too perfect.

  • Oh but that’s just because they’re all into “fitness” – also note he said 43 degrees (Mountain Dew), I’m assuming he means Celsius? That’s a heat scale only sissy Europeans use – not true blooded rough American men!

  • emjayay

    Kind of like the way they dress Cameron on Modern Family, who is supposed to be from some cracker place in the South. Also a lot like the way a really stereotypical in every possible way middle aged gay guy I know from Queens (insert joke here) dresses, who is close to his Irish Catholic family and claimed to be straight all his life until it became impossible recently (except they don’t know somehow).

  • cantake8

    This picture always makes me laugh. File under “UNNECESSARILY GAY.” He looks like a basket of Sissy Easter Eggs. White boots (cowboy or white side zip) or daffodil canvas loafers with no socks (and two turns of the pant cuff) would complete this look beautifully.

  • cantake8

    Your comment told me more about Schock than this article.

  • emjayay

    Visible Penis Line.

  • emjayay

    Yeah, but the one I checked had pro Christian/anti abortion photos and everything else random nothings.

  • UncleBucky

    EZ does it!

  • UncleBucky

    Barf. I mean, so barf-ful.

  • UncleBucky

    OH, and we HAD to have him here in Illinois. Of course that’s downstate IL, probably on the brink of seceding from the educated parts of the state… Arrrghhh.

  • dcinsider

    This guy is just plain bizarre.

  • Sun Lee

    LOL click on the Following button and sees whom he’s following. unless this was all a trap…. aaron are you even trying to hide it.

  • SkippyFlipjack

    What’s with the colorized Mountain Dew ad? Somebody really, really wants him some PepsiCo money.

  • vpl?

  • If you were a closet case from the Minnesota farm, and then Peoria, that’s exactly how you’d dress.

  • “This asshole” has an election certificate and wants to be governor of Illinois.

  • Mike_in_the_Tundra

    Freeballing = going commando = all my underpants are dirty and I haven’t had time to do laundry

  • David W Kummer

    Me thinks he doth protest tooooooooo much.

  • Ninong

    Aaron Schock is not gay? I didn’t know that. Is he supposed to be straight? Quelle surprise!

  • Ninong
  • cantake8

    With all the fine gay and lesbian politicians in our nation, AmericaBlog features this asshole?

  • Gigi

    Totally, 100% gay. Kappo!

  • RepublicansSUCKS

    I hate the fact that this bigoted weasel is from my State

  • malibujd44

    Wow, Big suprise…yet another self hating republician hypocrite unconsciously waiting to be caught in the next airport bathroom with a gloryhole stall. Very sad he can’t be what he really is. Living a lie not only hurting himself, but worse, hurting and taking down millions of innocent victims with him. He is so cute I actually feel a little sorry for him. I said “just a little”…he really is a sorry excuse of a human being.

  • “I do not thupport gay marriage.” – priceless

  • Let’s make that ‘closet face.’ Schock is an enemy of the GLTB community. The sooner he is outed the better.

  • Timmybear

    I’m not getting the one about jawlines and adam’s apples, and I’m not sure I want to know what freeballing means. And those pants look awfully straight to me. You may have a point about the Bears and the shoes, though. :)

  • Indigo

    Then there’s the social diversity comment “one Catholic, one Jew, one Moslem, etc. . . ” You can tell by the “etc.” how sincere that is. And speaking of sincerity, maybe his “new best friend Ross Thomas – owner of HartFit” knows something he should share with us.

  • Thom Allen

    After the Turkish shave, Aaron will do the Turkish oil wrestling.

  • In that last weightlifting photo – notice he states he does the clean and jerk – while conveniently avoiding the snatch?

  • And let me just add, that’s a hell of a hot list of boys he’s following as well.

  • Isaac

    If there was ever a poster child for the term ‘gayface’, he would fit the bill

  • Tom Bellino

    Fantastic. You can’t make this stuff up!

  • Tom Bellino

    You have to do it from the app and click on “following” from his profile. I took a screenshot a few days ago and posted it on Facebook. It was quite a hit. You can’t make this stuff up!

  • I saw that, but couldn’t confirm it. Where can you find his followers to confirm it?

  • Tom Bellino

    I think it’s also worth mentioning that Aaron follows relatively few people (about 70), and one of them is newly-out heartthrob Tom Daley.

  • looker

    check out the vpl

  • Lthomas320

    Hmm. So when do we find out Rep. Tulsi Gabbard (D-HI) is his other beard? And is Schock the reason Gabbard has bragged about voting with the Republicans?

  • txiconoclast

    Schock needs his Lancelot intervention moment like in Spamalot.

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