It’s -17°F in Chicago, so here are some penguins falling down (video)

Another day, another changed flight in my never-ending saga of TRYING TO LEAVE CHICAGO.

First, I was supposed to fly out Thursday, then Saturday, then today.  The first two times we had a blizzard.  Today it’s 17 degrees below zero out and, in addition to it being unclear how the flights are faring at O’Hare, I’m more than a bit worried about dying on the road (more specifically, my dog dying on the road, as she’s traveling with me) should our car break down on the way to the airport.


Actual temp at mom’s.

So, I’m on hold with American changing my flight again.  Sigh.

This was the patio furniture before the latest several inches yesterday.


I had to shovel the lawn so we’d have somewhere to walk the dogs.  They really can’t handle more than a couple of minutes outside, so the sidewalk is out of the question.


The view down the block really is quite winter-wonderland-y:


Don’t get me wrong, Chicago winters are not without their merit.  We get some great Indian Summer -style sunsets, even in the middle of winter.


In the meantime, it seemed an opportune moment to repost this wonderful video from a few years back of penguins falling down.

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