SNL on Billie Jean King leading the US Olympic delegation to Russia

Saturday Night Live took on the news this week that tennis legend Billie Jean King will be leading the US delegation to the 2014 Winter Olympics in Sochi, Russia.

King is openly-gay.  And most observers believe that her addition to the delegation, in addition to two other openly former Olympians, is meant as a swipe at Russia’s draconian crackdown on human rights, including gay and trans rights.


Here’s a bit of the sketch, video below:

I’m President Obama’s big gay middle finger, and this bird’s about to get flipped.

BJK’s about to double-down. And Putin’s gonna find himself in the epicenter of a gay tornado. I’m gonna drive my Subaru outback into Red Square, doing donuts, and blasting Melissa Etheridge….

There is no demographic in this world that gives less of a flip than 70 year old lesbians.

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