Shark Dolphin photobombs boys surfing in California (video)

June Emerson was taking a photo of her 12 year old son and a friend surfing, and didn’t realize until later that a rather large animal had photobombed the shoot.  Many thought it was a shark, but later reports are suggesting that it’s a dolphin, based on the tail fin being horizontal rather than vertical, and the apparently lack of a second dorsal fin.

I’ve watched a dolphin photobomb at the beach in Delaware.  It’s a thing to behold.  I’ll never forget my favorite time, when two hunky boys were getting their photo taken, standing in the water only a couple of feet in.  The tide was quite “in” and the water got deep quickly.  Suddenly, out of nowhere, only a few feet behind them, this huge dolphin leapt out of the water and the muscle boys screamed!  It’s hard to believe that the dolphin didn’t know exactly what it was doing.

This took place at Manhattan Beach, California this past Friday.


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