Will RNC boss Priebus end his own personal “War on Christmas”?

The Republican National Committee, the headquarters of the Republican party, is selling t-shirts that inadvertently (one assumes) mock its own chairman, Reince Priebus, for saying “Happy Holidays” instead of “Merry Christmas.”

As the GOP has become taken over more and more by angry, intolerant extremists, the party has also increasingly taken to lying about its positions.  The far-right conservatives running the GOP learned early on that voters at the national level don’t tend to vote Republican when the party tells the truth about its extreme positions.

Thus, this year, the Republican National Committee is selling t-shirts mocking Democrats for saying “Happy Holidays” when only twelve months ago, RNC Chair Reince Priebus said “Happy Holidays” in his official Christmas email greeting.  (The RNC announced late yesterday that it’s selling mugs mocking Priebus as well.)

Which either means that the head of the RNC is a liberal, or the Republican party is yet again lying about its position on an issue in order to curry favor with voters who apparently can’t stand to hear the truth about what the Republicans actually think, and say, and do.

Here’s Pribeus in December of 2012:


Yet only twelve short months later, the Rosie Gray at Buzzfeed reports that the RNC is selling t-shirts bashing the “liberals” for supposedly saying “Happy Holidays” instead of “Merry Christmas”:


Oh it’s not only liberals. Here’s the RNC “Holiday Party” invite in 2011 – you’ll note a decided lack of the word “Christmas” anywhere:


Then there was the RNC “holiday ornament” a few years back in 2010 – that one hated Christmas too:


Of course, it’s not just the GOP party headquarters that hate Christmas, George W. Bush hated Christmas too.  Let’s start first with Bush’s Secretary of State, Condi Rice, and just how much Condi hated Christmas:

Well, well, well. It seems the Bush administration is yet again leading the war on Christmas. Last year you’ll recall it was George Bush’s White House taking the lead by calling the national Christmas tree a ‘holiday tree.’ Fox News was close behind with their Happy Holidays ornaments.

Well, according to the Washington Post, Condi’s State Department is telling our embassies around the world that they better not send any Christmas cards this year, and especially not in Muslim countries.

Oh yes, and as I note in the quote above, Bush called the National Christmas Tree the “holiday tree,” and even Fox News itself – including Bill O’Reilly – was selling “Happy Holidays” ornaments during the Bush years:


And you don’t need to go back to any earlier than yesterday to find Fox News’ Web site wishing you a “Happy Holidays” – check out the very last line of this article.  And one week before, the Fox News used the same “holiday” greeting to close this article too.

And GOP governor Rick Perry hates Christmas too.  Here’s Rick Perry’s 2010 Christmas card that forgot to include one very special word – can you guess which word?


There are many more examples, but suffice it to say that the Republican party is again lying to voters, dissing Jews, and just as bad, politicizing Christmas.

You’d think that the one time of year that the extreme intolerant fringe that now controls the GOP could find it in themselves to stop lying, and stop hating, would be Christmas.

You’d be wrong.

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