GOP intolerance: “It’s part of their political DNA”

The Democratic National Committee sent out an email last night that uniquely summed up the Republican party’s intolerance problem. I’m going to quote it in full.

The Hitler image, below, is from a Tea Party fundraiser – it wasn’t part of the DNC message.

Tea Party compared President Obama to Adolf Hitler in an email fundraiser.

Tea Party compared President Obama to Adolf Hitler in an email fundraiser.

Here’s the DNC:

The sad thing is, these tweets are only part of the problem…

. . . Not the NRCC’s offensive tweets claiming that “Happy Holidays is What Liberals Say”

. . . Not the one where a GOP Senate Candidate’s staffer tweeted a photo sumperimposing Sen. Landrieu as Mussolini

. . . Not the NRSC tweeting a sexist photo of Senate candidate Alison Lundergan Grimes

. . . Not the RNC tweet claiming the end of racism

. . . Not the one where the NRSC tweeted the lie that Obama Administration closed the embassy at the Vatican

Or the one today where Scott Walker’s aide was fired for tweeting demeaning and racist comments about Hispanics.

Last year the Republican Party pledged to change their ways and reach out to the very folks what had been alienated by the GOP’s policies and rhetoric – like women, African Americans and Hispanics.

But the problem for the GOP is that they just can’t help themselves.

Republicans can’t broaden their appeal when their rhetoric and policies aim to divide.

Republicans can’t build a winning national coalition when they actively alienate whole communities.

Republicans can’t avoid this rhetoric [when it’s] engrained in their party – it’s part of their political DNA.

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