Real sign language interpreter translates impostor from Mandela funeral

Jimmy Kimmel got a real sign language interpreter to translate, and put into words, what the fake sign interpreter was actually saying at Nelson Mandela’s funeral.

For any who missed it, the guy signing at Mandela’s funeral was some kind of nut who was just faking it. Rather disturbing, considering world leaders – including President Obama – and other important people were permitted right next to the guy who clearly wasn’t vetted.


Here’s some of the translation – I love this:

“Hello, welcome so far. Well cigarette join, bringing in different to you – a circle – and I would like to pray this offering, basically this is fun, all of these balls, to prove this is good, I’m sorry.”

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  • Ricardo Martinez

    Plus the bloke seemingly was getting more hallucinatory by the minute.

  • Ricardo Martinez

    Sorry that I am pretty bad at English grammar, for English is not my first language. The fake signer ought to have been in Cartagena, Colombia, when President Obama mistranslated “Falklands,” into Spanish, as “Maldives,” perhaps translating, into sign language, “Moon.”

  • Ricardo Martinez

    It is pure surrealism, the most absurd situation one might conceive that a freak like that could do what he did because nobody could figure out he is nuts. Please post more of the re-translation of what he translated; I would like to read the whole absurdity, this is as surrealist literature; for surrealist literature is more or like the same. Or, in simpler words, he was translating sh.t by President Obama! Lucky thing that President Obama, which is pretty bad about world geography, did not commit one of his gaffes to compound the surrealist scene, like saying, “This Asian nation and the world have lost a great leader.”

  • bloomingdedalus

    Yes, of course, Obama… How did I not see it before? I can see him talking to SA’s head of state saying: “you motherfuckers better have a fake sign language interpreter or we’ll be running drone strikes in South Africa by next week.”

  • Butch1

    This has been one of the more problematic Secret Service groups it seems since JFK’s squad. They seem lax at times when they should be vigilant. Our CIA is always in the category of “loose-cannon” so who knows who actually controls them anymore. We don’t. ;-)

  • Butch1

    You seem to forget that “We, the people” elected Obama. ( at least some of you did ) Hired is a lose term and I would be splitting hairs to argue the point.

  • BetYouCantPushJustOne

    The world was had by the fake signer at Mandela’s funeral, and now Kimmel’s audience and your readers have been had, by believing that Jimmy Kimmel had someone on his show translating what the funeral signer supposedly “said”. That is NOT what happened, it was pure gibberish, and pure comedy.

    Kimmel’s sign-language consultant Maurer is fluent in American Sign Language, and by his own statement, not in SASL, which is a completely different language, as different as English and Xhosa. So he was NOT giving an interpretation of what the impostor actually “said”. Rather, he was giving a comic rendition of what the impostor signing looked like, to a signer of a language he doesn’t know. Sort of like mondegreens, or the videos posted by Bad Lip Reading.

    An analogous example, would be a non-French speaker “translating” the song Frere Jacques, and coming up with this: “Fry the jackals, fry the jackals, door may view? Door may view? Son, neigh lemon Tina’s…” you get the point. This is not French-to-English translation, it’s gibberish. That’s exactly what the Kimmel “interpreter” was doing–that is, comedy, not analysis.

    Maurer is not qualified to opine on whether Mandela signer Jantjie knows SA sign language, or on what he was “actually” saying.

  • True

  • Krusher

    Well, or Palin.

  • WiSe GuY

    0bama must had something to do with his hiring.
    The incompetent hiring the incompetent..

  • ArthurH

    I’m surprised they didn’t get a guy who did a Curly Howard hand jive.

  • Fentwin

    Cold be some “hipster” who thinks “W” is cool. Silly hipsters.

  • Dakotahgeo

    Looks like one of them republican/Pea Toty members who has trouble even with English. (So THIS is why important legislation is sitting unattended in the House chamber??!!!).

  • Realist

    Doesn’t that happen ever time he’s in the same room with Ted Cruz or Michele Bachmann?

  • pappyvet

    Yep , what an ultra maroon. Love the job the Secret Service did. I’m sure this encourages all the wingnut blowholes out there.

  • Rip Van Troll—-who knew?

  • The secret service dropped the ball (again) on this one—-a delusional cracked-pot within feet of Obama.

  • ryan
  • nicho

    African or South African thing to get through something by just saying
    stuff that is obviously totally fictional in order to save face or
    something and create an alternate reality an acceptable way of dealing
    with a situation?

    I’m pretty sure that’s a GOP thing too.

  • nicho

    Oh my goodness. We have a BushBot trolling here. They’re sort of like those Japanese soldiers who hid in caves for 40 years after World War II ended.

  • Anonymous

    As part of his episode, he might actually believe these things. But yeah, I have no doubt that his claims are invalid.

  • emjayay

    NPR (could be the BBC News they run here) ran an interview with the guy who mostly talked about the angels story and never really answered any questions. Then they interviewed some South Africa offical woman who spent about five minutes giving non-answers and diversions to every question.

    Obviously everyone is just lying about everything.

  • Anonymous

    Haha! I admit I laughed shamelessly.

  • nicho

    Sounds like a typical George W. Bush speech. Although, he didn’t make as much sense.

  • Quilla

    Bad Lip Reading gone wild!

    Too funny.

    Oh, yeah, dangerous as all get out. But still very, very funny…

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