Penguin falls down, brethren commiserate – best 12 seconds ever (video)

Possibly the best 12 seconds of penguin video ever. A group of penguins are doing a frozen death-march when suddenly one penguin loses its footing.  The rest is pretty adorable.

I’ve googled around, and the provenance of this video is a bit of a mystery. The YouTube trolls have stolen and reposted it so many times that it’s difficult to find the original, and thus to know if the video’s been doctored with. I’m still suspicious of the sound – but it’s a cute vid, regardless.


Enjoy. Then a few more related videos further down.

To continue our cold-weathered theme, here we have a German (east?) attempting to cannonball through his pool ice because suffocating under ice is totally rad:

And for our British friends, and anglophiles alike: P-p-p-penguins!

And finally, I don’t know why the falling penguin made me think of Dramatic Chipmunk, but it did:

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  • TampaZeke

    He fills them out quite nicely. Especially considering the freezing temps. He’s no George Costanza.

  • Badgerite

    I believe what they said, in Penguin, was, “Dude?” I believe what he said in Penguin was, “Shit!”

  • Guest

    My favorite penguin video?

  • but my favorite penguin video?

  • HeartlandLiberal

    So here is a cross-lingual pun for the German / English bilingual fans of this video.

    Es hat ihm nicht eingefallen, ….. das Eis is hart gefroren?

  • Apparently, Grandma liked them, which is why she bought them “for you” :)

    I guess if you have a marginal product, ya gotta have a catchy jingle, slogan and commercial.

  • Whitewitch

    I liked his swimming pants….

  • I loves me some penguins.

  • Indigo

    Nothing ever goes wrong, life is a party.

  • Bomer

    You met my brother as a child? Seriously, I was forever getting some adult to pull his ass off a roof because he just new his wings would work this time.

  • cole3244

    that penguin video was definitely doctored and i still hurt from watching that jumping german (chasing liberty) hit the ice.

  • MyrddinWilt

    The ad is from the 1970s. And the biscuits didn’t taste very nice. They had a somewhat strange taste. The filling didn’t really compliment the biscuit part. Grandma used to buy them for me.

  • This time I know the wings will work, let’s jump off the garage again.

  • And probably due to this trick, this guy will eventually learn there are three crowds in the nursing home: the hip group, the not-so-hip group, and the broken hip group. :)

  • Those wacky Germans!

  • usagi

    That’s the best Johhny Knoxville imitation I’ve ever seen. Arguably better than the original.

  • TheOriginalLiz

    Ya gotta like someone who can laugh at himself….

  • emjayay

    I laughed along with his friends at the German guy. It may illustrate a possible rule of comedy: Not what you expected, and it hurts.

  • I do believe you’re right

  • Dramatic “Chipmunk” is still a prairie dog. :)

  • Hey, let’s have a gasoline fight! I’m sure nothing could possibly go wrong.

  • Indigo

    I am sooo jealous! That chipmunk has mastered Blue Steel.

  • Oh, I should say that the sound is a bit suspicious in that first penguin video. The German dude proves that there are idiots to be found the world over (like we didn’t know that).

    The “P-p-pick up a P-p-p-penguin” video sounds like it was voiced by Stewie from “The Family Guy”.

    And the “Dramatic Chipmunk”? Good thing I wasn’t drinking anything, ’cause it would have rapidly exited via my nose.

    Some good chuckles for a Saturday afternoon!

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