Penguin falls down, brethren commiserate – best 12 seconds ever (video)

Possibly the best 12 seconds of penguin video ever. A group of penguins are doing a frozen death-march when suddenly one penguin loses its footing.  The rest is pretty adorable.

I’ve googled around, and the provenance of this video is a bit of a mystery. The YouTube trolls have stolen and reposted it so many times that it’s difficult to find the original, and thus to know if the video’s been doctored with. I’m still suspicious of the sound – but it’s a cute vid, regardless.


Enjoy. Then a few more related videos further down.

To continue our cold-weathered theme, here we have a German (east?) attempting to cannonball through his pool ice because suffocating under ice is totally rad:

And for our British friends, and anglophiles alike: P-p-p-penguins!

And finally, I don’t know why the falling penguin made me think of Dramatic Chipmunk, but it did:

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