New Trump birther rant suggests Hawaii health director killed to hide truth

In a bizarre tweet today, even by his standards, Donald Trump appeared to suggest that someone had the State Health Director of Hawaii, Loretta fuddy, murdered.


Because she was the one who verified President Obama’s birth certificate as real.

Or as Donald Trump refers to it: “birth certificate” (between scare quotes).

Trump’s tweet reads:

How amazing, the State Health Director who verified copies of Obama’s “birth certificate” died in plane crash today. All others lived

trump-tweet-birth-certificateFuddy did in fact die in a plane crash, and she did in fact verify the President’s birth certificate.  But come on.

Trump has a long history of pushing birther theories (the notion that President Obama wasn’t born in the United States and thus isn’t entitled to be president).

This tweet perhaps sums things up best:


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  • fletcher

    How out of touch is Trump? Doesn’t he know that nobody but rich prigs wear cuff-links?

  • Molly Nancy Owens
  • Molly Nancy Owens
  • Molly Nancy Owens
  • Molly Nancy Owens
  • Molly Nancy Owens
  • samiinh

    Basically, all I was trying to point out was that what’s good for the goose (Teddie Cruz) is good for the Gander, though in this case the Gander can document that he was born inside US Territory and everyone knows the Goose was not. Similar to McCain being born in Panama, or George Romney in Mexico.

  • eggroll_jr

    I think I see where you’re going with this. It’s above my pay grade, however. Cruz was not naturalized until he was 4, and the family company was domiciled in Canada. This rules change all back and forth all the time and it used to make a difference if it was the father or the mother who was the US citizen. Clearly, the Cruz family did nothing to establish US citizenship for their son when they lived in Calgary.

  • samiinh

    Were those the rules in 1961? Did Ted Cruz’s mother follow them when he was born in Canada?

  • lucius13

    Isn’t this the same claim the made against the Clintons? These people have no original thoughts.

  • Krusher

    That’s Donald Trump for you–he’ll say any vile thing to get attention.

  • eggroll_jr

    Thank you for stating the obvious. Trump’s worries are complete nonsense. Of course, if the American mother resides in another country, which was not the case of Ann Dunham, she still needs to report the birth to the Embassy in a certain time (three months, I think) and present the baby with birth certificate to an embassy officer, as well as get the passport business moving so the baby can visit the US without hassle.

  • olandp


  • olandp

    Why would Obama have someone who verified his birth certificate killed? Wouldn’t he be better off having The Donald, or say Joseph Farah killed? You know like he did to Brietbart. (That was snark.)

  • LanceThruster

    even by his standards,

    Oh FFS!

  • fletcher

    Yes! He starred in a film called “Hell Toupee.”

  • fletcher

    More like a creation by Tex Avery.

  • ArthurH

    Sci-fi author Harlan Ellison penned an episode for the 1980s revival of The Twilight Zone that Megyn Kelly might learn from. It concerned a nasty slumlord (Edward Asner) who told the black and Hispanic kids living in his run-down buildings that Santa Claus doesn’t like minority kids like them and won’t leave them any gifts. He even takes steps to assure no charity will leave them anything on Christmas Eve. But then in the middle of the night, he is awaken by a black Santa (Geoffrey Holder) with some Hispanic elves, who tells the slumlord that he left the kids gifts and that the slumlord is now on the permanent naughty list and will never get another Christmas gift ever. Something for Kelly to consider about Santa always being white.

    By the way, CBS considered this tale too controversial for the mid-1980s and excised it from the hour program. But a copy turned up on YouTube in 2009 where I viewed it but can’t find it now.

  • samiinh

    So is Megyn’s God, white with a long white beard and long flowing robes.

  • samiinh

    What difference does it make where he was born. His mother was an American citizen. There is no doubt about that. Just like Ted Cruz who was also born of an American mother. That makes them natural born citizens.

  • We’ve had some trolls hanging around the blog the last day or so.

    And actually it’s a Peruvian guinea pig.

  • Anonymous

    But he runs a business!1

  • Jim Olson

    Who would down vote this? This is seriously the worlds most awesome bunny rabbit!

  • Jim Olson

    Can we please stop pretending that anything that Donald Trump says has value or merit?

  • Monoceros Forth

    The Mail may be a rubbishy tabloid but they’ve got a keen nose for Americans’ making complete jackasses of themselves.

  • Badgerite

    Pretty simple, really. Human nature. Barack Obama’s mother was 18 years old when he was born. Now why, exactly, would an 18 year old girl, whose Kenyan husband was at that time attending the University of Hawaii, go to Kenya to have her first baby? What,—the great hospitals they had there in 1960/61. Her parents lived in Hawaii at the time. Her husband lived in Hawaii at the time. And so did she. So this 18 year old girl would up an go to Kenya to have her first baby because why?
    Well, she wouldn’t, of course. That’s just STUUUUUUPID!
    What’s more, if you travel to a foreign country there are passport records to document that.
    Can you or Donald Trump produce any passport records documenting that she ever left the country. No, of course you can’t. Because she didn’t. She was pregnant and 18 and everyone she knew was living in HAWAII. Pardon my French but, idiot!

  • Lawerence Collins

    When you find your soul and stop lying, come back.

  • Lawerence Collins

    the truth are lies to frauds like your kind. So if you think Obama’s a criminal, you must think Bush. Jr. should be on death row, right?

  • Lawerence Collins

    Dump Donald Trump!
    You seriously had the gall to use the screen name All American! More like, All, odious, demonic, soulless sociopathic, Rethuglican zombie sheeple! I’d take Obama in the White House any day before that lying, flip flopping, fraud, Willard Romney!

  • Anonymous

    And then there’s this: Fox anchor Megyn Kelly declares that ‘Jesus and Santa are ‘verifiably white’

  • All_American

    You obviously have no clue what you are saying cause you sound like a nut case.

  • All_American

    Kind of hypocritical of someone who believes every lie that Obama and Killary says aren’t you. Obama has never told the truth ever!

  • All_American

    Obama is very good at killing people he even said so.

  • RepubAnon
  • RepubAnon

    You know, the funny thing is your inability to put together a rational argument. First, you imply that Hillary Clinton was able to secretly assassinate Paul Wellstone – now you claim that Hillary Clinton’s campaign was unable to investigate President Obama’s birth certificate… but that Donald Trump could.

    Pop quiz: If President Obama’s team had problems putting together a web site, why do you think they could handle secretly sabotaging a plane?

  • RepubAnon

    If you’re going to espouse bizarre conspiracy theories, you might at least supply a motive. On a Republican site, you can get away with saying Hillary caused Typhoon Haiyan because LIBERAL! CLINTON! However, if you’re going to try and sell it to rational people, you might explain her motive, means, and opportunity.

    Here, you say “Paul Wellstone died in a plane crash – MAYBE CLINTON DID IT.” Some slight effort of explaining which Clinton would do that (and why) would be a small step toward taking you out of troll country and into starting a debate. If you’ve got something – let’s hear it. Otherwise, I’m sure there are lots of bridges without Billy Goat Gruff where you could hang out.

  • RepubAnon

    Which Clinton is “the” Clinton? If you meant both, it should be “Clintons'” rather than “Clinton’s.”

    Also, where would one look it up? If you seriously think that the Clintons are posting an on-line list targeting Democrats that were never going to run for President, I’d suggest checking in for a 72-hour psych evaluation, or the Betty Ford Clinic for the terminally gullible.

    It’s a running joke among liberals that when anything bad happens, such as the BP Oil Spill, or that comet breaking up, the first thing Republicans say is “where was Hillary?????” Nice of you to keep the tradition going.

  • Since you are flaming don’t be surprised when someone pisses on you.

  • All_American

    Hey if he/she wants to insult me then I shall do the same back. Cowards. you just can’t stand a someone else stating an opinion different from your own. Bias is what you are.

  • All_American

    I came here and wrote what I wanted you are the one that started the nastiness with your comment. How welcoming is that huh………………..

  • Anonymous

    FYI: trolling IS insulting people repeatedly without adding to the discussion. Your comments have been flagged. People aren’t “out to get you,” you’re on a forum with rules and you’re breaking them. Goodbye.

  • All_American

    And you can’t spell idiot either since you are blind as well as dimwitted.

  • ckg1

    No. We encourage debate, but you’re not here for that.

  • ckg1

    You couldn’t spell the truth if you were spotted the T, the R, the U, the other T, and the H.

  • All_American

    Gee did someone make this site just for you?

  • All_American

    Man you are dimwitted. You can’t stand or handle the truth.

  • ckg1

    And that someone is our TROLL.

  • ckg1

    Which is just as much a load of BS as what you’re shoveling here.

    Seabiscuit is in envy of you right now. Even in his prime, he didn’t take as much of a #2 as you have.

  • MoonDragon

    Looks like someone has been so busy voting thumbs down on posts that he(she) may never get it up his(her) ass again.

  • All_American

    Yeah you’re real smart there. Try thinking for yourself for once. Anyone who believes all the lies coming out of the man child’s mouth is a fool. That would apply to you I assume.

  • All_American

    Try looking up the Clinton’s list.

  • MoonDragon

    Because Trump thought people would believe him when he seemed to forget he built his home at the end of a runway and asked for the airport to cut down on the noise?

  • ckg1

    A_A: YOU’RE the troll here. You exclusively post on right-wing sites and you came on here to try to get a rise out of us.

    You don’t DESERVE an intelligent response. End. Of. Discussion.

  • MoonDragon

    So we now can revive the truth about Paul Wellstone’s murder at the hands of the Bush cabal?

  • All_American

    Nice try at an intelligent response. Troll. If you can’t stand the truth then go live with Ochithead in the WH.

  • ckg1

    Well, we know where YOUR brain is. It’s up a certain part of your anatomy.

    How about going back to the Breitbrats? They need some comedy relief and you fit the bill.

  • ckg1

    Nice try, TROLL.

  • All_American

    Obama has lied throughout his whole presidency, what makes you think Donald is wrong?

  • All_American

    They make more sense than the criminal in the WH! Now where’s your brain?

  • crazymonkeylady

    Uh-Oh! The Berthers are going to have a Crap Attack over this. It’s fun to watch them out-crap each other!

  • ckg1

    We know his HAIR is a character….

  • ckg1

    And this jackass wants to be the next governor of New York?

    Yeah, Donald, that’s right, I called you a jackass.

  • Further proof that drugs are BAD!

  • Henry Owen

    It’s not a “birth certificate” according to Donald Foldover; it’s “BERHTH certificate.”

    You forgot the oh-so-fake silver-spoon-up-his-nose accent.

  • Anonymous

    I’ll take “God’s will” for $200, Alex.

  • Elizabeth Ann Stewart

    You know, with all the money that Trump supposedly has, you would think that he could hire better psychiatric care.

  • Drew2u

    Buy Trump’s trash? No thanks, I’d rather buy American.

  • Indigo

    Because there hasn’t been enough crazy in the evening news lately.

  • 1strepublic14thstar

    Read the story and it’s clear that there were very nearly many more fatalities.

    On top of which — If you wanted to kill the health director in a plane crash, logic dictates that you can’t target ONLY her — the conspiracy would be too obvious, AND there’d be witnesses in the form of the other passengers and the crew.


    The conspiracy to keep Obama’s real birthplace a secret knows NO bounds.

    ///Sarcasm off///

  • Tor

    I’m certainly going to check out the Donald J. Trump Signature Collection of toupees.

  • SFExPat

    Loretta Fuddy?? Really? It’s Trump who is the “Fuddy”-Duddy,
    RIP, Ma’am, for all the usual humane reasons.

  • Matt Rogers

    Someone planned a plane crash so cunningly that only the intended victim died? We’re talking genius here.

  • You mean like this pet here? ;-)

  • Mark_in_MN


  • bkmn

    Why is anyone still listening to Trump, Palin, Beck, Limbaugh, Boner, Turkey neck McDonnell, Mitt, Mrs. Mitt, any Republican basically, when none of them make any god damn sense?

  • Because it’s been a while since the public has spoken the name of his royal highness, the Trumpster. We all know that it is supremely important to him that he not fade from the public conversation. Perhaps he felt that it was time to refresh the public’s memory, and this is his vehicle to accomplish that.

    It would be interesting to keep track of how often we get an unsolicited dingbat comment from him. I would be willing to bet that it is on a schedule. You know, like a feeding schedule. We all know that like a pet, Donald’s ego needs regular feeding.

  • cole3244

    how can you take a wealthy man with that roll over seriously on anything, he belongs on the cover of mad magazine.

  • judybrowni

    Sooooooo…I guess the editors of the newspapers who published the Obama’s birth notice are also dead, as well as the Health Department officials who sent the birth notice to the newspapers…

    Since they’d be over 90, that’s a good guess, surprised Trump hasn’t touted their deaths.

  • pappyvet

    Well Sis , when a person carries around that much gas it’s bound to come out from time to time.

  • 2patricius2

    I don’t believe that Donald Trump actually exists. I think he is a cartoon character that was made up by Walt Disney.

  • FUFatherEisenman

    And the hits just keep on coming.

  • Monoceros Forth

    We all knew, the first moment this man’s death was reported, it’d be OBAMA DEATH LIST 24/7 from the Free Republicans.

  • Why oh why did I know this Trumpish moonbat eruption was inevitable?

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