GOP guide to courting the vote of feeble lady-brains

Following the news that GOP House Speaker John Boehner and the Republican party are holding trainings for Republican politicians to learn how to speak to women, American Bridge has unearthed one of the GOP how-to videos shown to congressional candidates interested in wooing that all-important wacky dame vote.

Here are a few quotes from the manual, followed by the video itself:

Did you know that the 19th Amendment guarantees women the right to vote? And sometimes they even try to run for office. Fancy that!


Hope she doesn’t hurt herself!

When talking about a woman’s right to choose, don’t say “rape.” Try using a more pleasant euphemism, like “method of conception.” Watch how Paul [Ryan] does it:

“I’m very proud of my pro-life record, and I’ve always adopted the idea, the position that the method of conception doesn’t change the definition of life.”

And women LOVE a good sense of humor:

GOP NJ GOV. CHRIS CHRISTIE: “You know, something may go down tonight, but it ain’t gonna be jobs, sweetheart.” (Christie was responding to a woman in the audience who yelled “Christie kills jobs!”)

So remember, you don’t need to change your conservative views just because women voters find them horribly offensive, just change how you talk about them. Now go out there and get those dame votes!

The GOP how-to kit comes amidst a slew of Republican self-help strategies being issued just in time for Christmas.

Only yesterday, Rush Limbaugh released his guide to preserving the right to sexually harassing women in public.

And all of this comes on the heels of last year’s GOP blockbuster training hit: “How to talk Mexican.”

Those Republicans, they’ve got a solution to everything!

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