Dog and cat spooning (video)

The cat showed up at their house a year ago, in the middle of winter, and the dog was scared to death of him. Now things have changed.


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  • Babou is a truly unique name. Its so heartwarming to see Archer and Babou be such good friends. We work with dogs ourselves, and Archer looks like a well trained dog :)

  • houstonray

    These are the kind of videos that make me smile and feel all warm and fuzzy inside. :-) Thanks!

  • Archer and Babou, huh?

    I wonder if Babou is crepuscular.

  • Dakotahgeo

    Excellent choice! I had to decide to keep my boat!

  • arcadesproject

    A lot of animals seem to take the view that, hey, you got four legs, you’re furry, you’re just like me. Let’s be friends.

  • cole3244

    a dog and cat get along and humans get along like cats & dogs, in the world of humans things are all upside down.

  • FuzzyRabbit

    Me, too.

  • FatRat
  • SL Abrin

    I had a wife that was jealous of the attention I gave my dog. I still have the dog.

  • pappyvet

    Careful John ! I’m sure the Mormons are against this sort of thing also.

  • hidflect

    Stop feeding the dog and see what happens…

  • cminca

    This is why I like animals so much more than people

  • olandp

    I had two cats and one dog. It was a triangle competing for my attention. The dog really disliked one of the cats, who also disliked him, but liked the other cat. The other cat liked both the dog and first cat. Then I got another dog, she doesn’t want me to pet anyone else but her. Life at my house can be interesting.

  • S1AMER

    Ain’t nothin’ better than having a good buddy!

  • mirror

    Fun post. Thanks! I have some friends who had something just like this happen to them. They have a medium-big dog who can be sort of difficult. They live far away from other houses in a semi-rural area. One day this stray cat shows up and starts making itself at home. A month later the cat and the dog are sleeping together every night. Divorced from the need to hunt, kill, and genuinely compete, animals often work out very interesting relationships. It really messes with one’s assumptions.

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