Dear Mormons, you’ve been given a rare second chance – don’t blow it

The Mormons have been given that rare second chance.


After murdering love in California back in 2008, by singlehandedly saving Proposition 8 with a $20 million influx of Mormon cash, thus guaranteeing that millions of gays, statewide, would lose one of their most basic civil rights – the right to marry – the Mormons earned a well-deserved reputation as hateful, intolerant bullies.


And it seemed to actually bother them, this new-found visceral loathing that growing segments of America were developing for anything “Mormon.”  Joe had written before about seeing Mormon missionaries on the street, and being just barely able to control the urge to yell at them.  I’ve had the same experience. Where I once felt indifference mixed with curiosity towards all things Mormon, now I know better through experience, and feel seething contempt.

Brigham Young's 10th wife.

Brigham Young’s 10th wife.

But then a funny thing happened. A Christmas miracle, of sorts. And the Mormons were given that second chance that so few rarely get. They were given the chance to undo the damage of California in their own backyard as a federal judge struck down Utah’s gay marriage ban, effectively legalizing same-sex weddings in the state.

Brigham Young's 15th wife.

Brigham Young’s 15th wife.

And the GOP/Mormon machine that runs Utah stepped into action, pulling out all stops to kill love once again.

Brigham Young's 20th wife.

Brigham Young’s 20th wife.

Rather than go through all the machinations by Utah’s GOP/Mormon’s governor, I’d like to rather focus on a series of editorials from the Mormon-owned newspaper, Deseret News.  First there was their editorial following the federal court ruling:

The essence of judicial tyranny is when a single, unelected federal judge declares the laws and constitution of an entire state null and void with an opinion clothed in the barest of legal precedent. It is true that state efforts to restrict marriage on the basis of race have run afoul of the federal constitutional protections against racial discrimination. But as we scour the legal landscape, we find no 10th Circuit or Supreme Court precedent that prevents Utah from adhering to a traditional definition of marriage. Nonetheless, Judge Shelby’s blithe mix-and-match approach to legal argumentation has, for the time being, created a new class of same-gender applicants deemed “married” under the Utah Constitution.

Oh the GOP talking points do run amuck. “Judicial tyranny,” the phrase most loved by a bigot. How dare the state not let me oppress my fellow man?

It’s ironic, of course, that Mormons, who have a history of being oppressed (and outright slaughtered – though they also enjoyed a good slaughter at their own hands) themselves, are now so enamored with the art of the slaughter. What the Mormons wouldn’t have given for a little judicial tyranny protecting their own people once upon a time. But no more. The Mormons are modern-day Amurikans now, and they can oppress and hate just as well as the next guy. In fact, they see hate as their civic duty.

Brigham Young's 25th wife.

Brigham Young’s 25th wife.

And let’s not even get into the risibility of Mormons lecturing the rest of us about the “traditional definition of marriage.” A definition they and their still-revered leaders didn’t traditionally even adhere to.

Brigham Young's 32nd wife.

Brigham Young’s 32nd wife.

Joseph Smith, the Mormon founder, had 34 wives. And a third of those women were married to other men at the same time they were married to Smith.

Brigham Young's 39th wife.

Brigham Young’s 39th wife.

Brigham Young, another key leader among Mormons, had 55 wives. So spare us the lies about the Mormon adherence to “traditional marriage.”

Brigham Young's 45th wife.

Brigham Young’s 45th wife.

Traditionally, Mormons were serial polygamists who had zero respect for any traditional view of marriage, whatever that even means, since marriage in America was traditionally a property relationship exclusively between two people of the same race.

Brigham Young's 49th wife.

Brigham Young’s 49th wife.

Not to be outdone, the Mormon-run Deseret News weighed in yesterday with yet another hate-filled editorial. Let’s share a bit of that, shall we:

But self-governance rests on more than just the outcome of votes or court orders. It relies on a deeply embedded culture of civility, thoughtful participation in public decision-making, faithful adherence to legal process and visionary leadership. None of those was swept away on Friday by federal court order.


Brigham Young’s 51st wife.

As the fate of Amendment 3 moves forward through the appellate process, we acknowledge that there are people of good will on both sides of this contentious issue, and we appreciate that Utah’s culture of civility and respect will continue to guide how this issue is engaged. The spirit of can-do volunteerism and community spirit that unite our state must prevail through this difficult conversation.

Ah yes, the gay-basher’s universal call for “civility” as they’re beating the bejesus out of us. “Can’t we all just act like gentleman, while I tear apart your family and kick the crap out of your civil rights?” One wonders whether the lynch mob that assassinated Joseph Smith issued a call for civility as they repeatedly shot him in the back.

Here’s a bit more from Deseret:

Utah’s Amendment 3 may provide precisely the robust legal case that will, in the end, preserve to the states their right to define marriage to be exclusively between and man and a woman….


Brigham Young’s 52nd wife.

[Utah Gov.] Herbert and [Attorney General Sean] Reyes, however, have both the opportunity and the willingness to take a full and vigorous legal fight forward. Building on the extraordinary social and economic results that we believe stems from Utah’s deep-seated support of the traditional family, Herbert and Reyes can shape a full-vetting of the complex issues involved in this vitally important debate in both the courts and in the court of public opinion. The vision, tone and rigor that they bring to this debate will provide much needed leadership, not just for Utah, but for the nation.

Right, because that’s what Utah, and the Mormons – and their already black-and-blue reputation – need right now. To provide leadership to America’s homophobes, and to be personally responsible for killing love nationwide.  Good luck with that.


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