Crow snowboards down roof on mayonnaise lid, repeatedly (video)

So, this is odd. A crow takes a mayonnaise jar lid, stands on it, and slides down a roof as if it’s on a snowboard.

Then it picks up the lid, flies to the top of the roof, slides down again. It seems to have done this a few times, or I suspect the people wouldn’t have grabbed their camera.


It’s not entirely clear what the bird is doing. I have a hard time believing a crow is sentient enough, intelligent enough, to have ‘fun’ – especially this kind of fun. This would be way too advanced for that kind of animal, I’d think. But what is it doing? It might just be jumping on it to hold it in place, while it pecks at it, then it keeps sliding. But I don’t know.

Have a look. (PS, it’s Friday afternoon, I’m over the heavy news for the week. So unless something breaks, it’s the weekend baby, don’t expect any deep articles for a while.)

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