Chino the capuchin monkey emphatically wants this man to crush leaves (video)

This is a very cute, and somewhat odd, video of a little monkey that is very insistent about a man crushing some leaves for him. (Oh, and I’ve been flying back to DC today from Chicago, thus the light posting – am back home now :)


It’s a cute video, and somewhat strange too. I was curious what’s actually going on here.  So, I did some googling. I like to try to get the backstory on these viral videos that go around, and this one definitely went viral earlier this year, but most sites didn’t really know who the monkey even was.  Well, I found out.

His name is Chino, and he’s a brown capuchin monkey.  Someone bought Chino as a pet in 2010, and very quickly realized there was no way they were going to be able to take care of a monkey, so they turned him over to a South African organization called International Primate Rescue.  Chino was only six weeks old when he arrived at the rescue.  They repeatedly refer to Chino as “Cheeky Chino” on the IPR Web site.


I also did find one reference, elsewhere, to the fact that Chino apparently enjoys hearing the sound of leaves being crunched.  That might be what motivates him in the video below.

I know that my first and only run-in with wild(ish) monkeys was at a zoo in the Amazon, and the monkeys looked a lot like Chino (possibly more bright yellow).  They were insane.  At one point I had three monkeys climbing on me at once.  One was hanging on to my thigh, another was swinging on my arm, and the third, of course, was sitting on my shoulders with one hand covering my eyes, and the other grabbing a string around my neck that I was using to hold my clip-on sunglasses, and yanking hard. I was actually a bit afraid – and I was DYING to meet monkeys.  Circus monkeys, they are not.  Still, I’d love to meet Chino.


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