Boehner rents apartment from tanning bed lobbyist

Republican House Speaker John Boehner rents his DC apartment from a tanning industry lobbyist.

Things you just can’t make up.

According to the Daily Caller, Boehner rents an apartment in Capitol Hill (the neighborhood that the Congress is in) from a lobbyist with the American Suntanning Association.

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GOP House Speaker John Boehner

In the past, Boehner has accepted thousands of dollars of campaign contributions from another tanning bed lobbyist, the Indoor Tanning Association.

Boehner is the king of perma-tans, though he’s denied for years that he’s a fan of fake-and-bake tans.  He often looks a tad too made up, but it’s actually not a bad idea – if you’re going to go for more color, a spray-on tan is probably safer than the sun.  Anyway, it’s interesting, and funny as hell, that Boehner has such close ties to tanning bed lobbyists.

Mitt Romney got into a spot of trouble last year for using what many were convinced was a fake tan to woo Latino voters during an appearance on Univision:

Mitt Romney sporting his new orange "day laborer" tan.

Mitt Romney sporting his new orange “day laborer” tan.

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