Best news bloopers of 2013 (this is awfully good)

This is an awfully good, and long, collection of the best news bloopers from 2013.


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  • bandanajack

    more than awfully good, hilarious. i advise people to stop the video right after rob ford’s amazing reply to catch their breath before proceeding. plenty to eat at home? really?

  • SkippyFlipjack

    Great stuff. I love the woman at 1:57 talking about the vibrating toothbrush and her toddler. I mean, she had to know what she was saying (and what it looked like with the volume down), right? She had to be trying to make her co-anchor laugh.. gotta be.

  • cole3244

    the funniest one was the last one & the least funny was the guy running into the woman and knocking her over.
    some interrupters only need 15 seconds of fame to satisfy them.

  • TheOriginalLiz

    So fun – thank you.

  • pappyvet


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