Appeals court refuses to stop gay marriages in Utah!

In yet another blockbuster news day in Utah, the 10th Circuit Court of Appeals has refused to stop gay marriages from proceeding in Utah, Chris Geidner at Buzzfeed reports.

This means that marriages of gay couples will continue in Utah throughout the appeal of last Friday’s surprise federal district court verdict, striking down the state’s gay marriage ban, essentially making gay marriage legal in the state.

As a result of that decision, gay couples swarmed local county offices to get married, and in most parts of Utah, did – in droves.


Lesbian couple married in Utah after a district court legalized the marriage of gay couples in the state.

Utah state officials – who are basically Republican and Mormon, two blocs who have gone out of their way to harm the gay community with gusto – were hoping to stop the decision from going into effect until it could be appeals. In essence, putting gay marriages on hold until the case could be decided by an appellate court. First, the district court said nuh-uh, then today the appellate court said the same thing. Neither will stop the marriages pending appeal.

That means that the Mormon Republicans’ last chance at killing love during the Christmas holiday is an appeal to the US Supreme Court.  The appeal will go to Justice Sotomayor, who may decide on her own, or may refer it to the entire court for consideration.

If that doesn’t work, gay couples are going to continue to get married while the state of Utah, led by the Republicans and the Mormons, attempts to un-marry thousands of gay families, many with children.

Good luck with that.

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