10 y.o. girl rips it on the dance floor (video)

A great video of a ten year old girl in her dance class.  Just amazing.  She moves like a ballerina. And Michael Jackson.

I’m serious about both comparisons.  Michael Jackson, like a very good ballerina, was able to move and undulate in a way that transformed his body into some other thing entirely.  This girl can too. At 10.

10-year-old-girl-dancingAs always, if you’d like to keep your faith in humanity, avoid YouTube’s cesspool of commenters. Remember kids, pro-gay videos are suspect on YouTube, but inappropriate comments about children, two thumbs up!

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  • cantake8

    She feeeeeels the music, which is quite mature for her small frame. Very cool.

  • Sheeit! I can do that. Oooh, my back, my back!

  • mirth

    She’s even better than the guy, who I assume is her dance instructor.

    BTW, karmanot:

    Thanks so much for posting the Counterpunch article, The Moral Hazard of Lesser Evilism, at your blog, Adgita Diaries (which is as always chock full of wonderfulness). I believe it is the best opinion piece I have read on Obama and our current state of affairs.

    Here is a link to it for those interested:


  • maria

    Thanks! I needed a smile this morning!

  • Beautiful, graceful and powerful.

  • cole3244

    white men can’t dance but white little girls sure can.
    imagine how good she might get if she continues her dance classes, future star possibly.

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