Lord of the Rings medley and gorgeous harpist (video)

I offer a mental health break for everyone in the form of a gorgeous video by ethereal twin electric harpists — “Camille and Kennerly.”

What could be better than a beautiful harp medley of themes from Lord of the Rings film soundtracks?

This is how much better: These two talented young women — who adapt and recompose the songs themselves — also dress in costumes to match the song segment. Rangers, Hobbits, Riders of Rohan, Elves — they do them all. Dunno about you folks but I think I simultaneously experienced full-on melty and nerdgasm.

Camille & Kennerly - electric harpists

Camille & Kennerly – electric harpists

They have lots of other videos on their YouTube channel which I’m probably going to spend the next few hours wasting my time on — Stairway to Heaven, Don’t Fear the Reaper, Wish You Were Here, Scarborough Fair…

Anyway, here’s the Lord of the Rings one, which is awesome.

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  • CitizenX

    There is plenty that is creepy about this.

  • benb

    Is it me or is there something kinda creepy about this clip?

  • BTW, I’m probably not going to do a science post this weekend. The Doctor Who post took a lot out of me, plus there’s the fact my wife and I just spent the entire afternoon clearing several hundred yards of driveway of the 8″ of snow dumped on us overnight… well, I’m wiped.

    Dinner tonight is going to be potato-leek soup. And I think I’m going to spend the evening binge-watching something (haven’t decided what), huddled up under a warm blanket, with a mug of mulled cider at hand.

  • bpollen

    I love their music (harps can sound absolutely wonderful) but am a little creeped out by the twins and their behavior or mannerisms or whatever… It’s the Stepford Harpists!

  • ezpz

    I see that John will be on Fox’s Media Buzz show.

  • Indigo

    Very pretty.

  • Being a lover of horses myself, they were always my favorites in the LOTR series.

  • lol

  • Drew2u

    I love how nostalgic the Riders of Rohan theme is; as longing of days gone in the past as it is uncertain of the days that lie ahead. It fits perfectly with a proud kingdom/region/race that’s balancing on the edge of a knife.

  • keirmeister

    Every time I think I’ve seen everything, I see something new. :)

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