527 blasts Gettysburg Address: “Honestly Abe, ‘died in vain’?”

We’ve often asked whether Ronald Reagan could survive in the modern Republican party, but what about Abraham Lincoln?

The Annenberg School, which is behind FactCheck.org, built a Web site called FlackCheck.org during the 2012 campaign (I totally missed it).

In that site, they have a wonderful series of videos looking at Lincoln’s handling of the Civil War, and how it would be treated by modern-day campaign flacks in the 1864 elections.

I suspect different videos were done by different students. But several in particular shine. The first takes Lincoln on for the Gettysburg Address and his obvious anti-Americanism. The video is spot-on.  (November 19, 2013 is the 150th anniversary of the Gettysburg Address.)

And while I doubt they intended this to be a GOP primary video, the patriotism card is often played more by the Republicans than the Democrats (nowadays).


Why does Abe Lincoln hate America?

Here’s the ad on the Gettysburg Address, it’s pretty brilliant:

ANNOUNCER: Lincoln believes that America will perish from the earth.

LINCOLN ACTOR: “…perish from the earth…”

ANNOUNCER: And that our soldiers have died in vain.

LINCOLN ACTOR: “…died in vain…”

ANNOUNCER: Honestly, Abe, “died in vain”?

LINCOLN ACTOR (repeating loop, animated-gif style): In vain. In vain. In vain. In vain.

ANNOUNCER: Abraham Lincoln: Wrong on the war, wrong for the Union.

The second ad that does a pretty good job is one taking on Democratic 1864 re-elect challenger, Gen. George McClellan. It could be an ad from today.

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Just found a few more! Here’s one on Lincoln leading from behind:

Okay, the Steamboat Veterans for Truth is pretty darn funny too:

One final video, and this one is freaking brilliant. Possibly my favorite. It targets Mrs. Lincoln, the President’s wife:

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