Roundtable on NSA spying, Fukushima latest & the climate solution

Yesterday I joined Marcy Wheeler and Jay Ackroyd in a good discussion of three topics:

▪ NSA and the latest move by the State to increase its authority to surveil (thanks, Sen. Dianne Feinstein).

▪ The latest from Fukushima. This is not good. There’s a large and growing outcry and also an apparent media blackout. Why? We’ll discuss that (though the answer should be obvious, and it’s not the neoliberal one).

▪ Where are we at with climate solutions? There are a number of voices in that, starting with Obama. But a Paul Krugman review of a book by William Nordhaus mostly nails it. Yes, Virginia, there is an answer, and it’s not the neoliberal one.

Writer & analyst Marcy Wheeler

Writer & analyst Marcy Wheeler

Sense a theme? The show is below. Click to play — and thanks.

Links for the show:

NSA and Feinstein (oh my). DiFi is well on her way to making things worse.

Latest Fukushima nuclear disaster headlines for your post-Halloween fun. Plus this tale of corruption.

This guy mostly gets it about climate solutions, because this is the problem.

Enjoy, and thanks for your support for these important topics — and also for progressive media. We need you.


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