Local ABC reporter, unable to find people to talk about water rate hike, interviews cat (video)

A local ABC reporter in Springfield, Illinois, Garrett Brnger (yes, he’s missing a vowel), was trying to find people to interview about a recent water rate hike, and failed.

So he interviewed a cat.

Here’s a great lunchtime break, and this was just posted yesterday, so you’re some of the first to see it.


ABC REPORTER GARRETT BRNGER: You’d probably be paying, along with your kittens, about 15 extra dollars. How do you feel about that?

CAT: (Nuzzles microphone.)

REPORTER: No kidding?

CAT: (Rubs microphone with head.)

REPORTER: Oh, you don’t use any water – you don’t like baths, huh?

CAT: (Head butts mic.)

REPORTER: Sir, I’m going to have to ask you to stop attacking my mic.

CAT: (Backs away.)

REPORTER: Now that’s just uncalled for.

CAT: (Nuzzles up against reporter’s thigh.)

REPORTER: Well this is inappropriate.

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