Lead Benghazi whistleblower’s story implodes

Dylan Davies claims to have been there the night terrorists attacked the US consulate in Benghazi, Libya.  Davies’ account of that evening, and what he calls massive security failures leading up to the attack, were so damning that Republican Senator Lindsey Graham (R-SC) put a hold on all Obama administration nominations until he gets to the bottom of Davies’ serious allegations.

Then Davies’ story went poof! — and was no more.

Unfortunately for Senator Graham and Davies, Davies’ story imploded last night in the face of a New York Times blockbuster alleging that Davie’s explosive account of events at the US consulate that he gave CBS’ 60 Minutes, and his book publisher, flat-out contradict the story he told federal agents during an FBI interview.

UPDATE: CBS News has just apologized for airing Davies‘ now-faux version of the events that took place that evening in Benghazi.  60 Minutes’ Lara Logan apologized this morning, saying “we were wrong, we made a mistake” (video and transcript of Logan’s appearance here).


Did Davis lie to 60 Minutes or lie to the FBI about Benghazi?

That means that Davies either misled CBS – and that his new book about Benghazi is a sham – or he misled the FBI.  And for his sake, Davies had better hope he misled CBS and his book publisher, as lying to the FBI will likely land you in jail.

Either way, he appears to have lied to somebody, and Davies’ credibility quickly went down the memory hole last night as CBS yanked its print and video copies of Davies’ “survivor’s tale of Benghazi” off the Internet in the face of the new NYT allegations. CBS also issued a statement saying they were reviewing the entire story in the fact of the new allegations about Davie’s credibility.

And suddenly, across America, Democrats found themselves, for the first time, downright excited to talk about Benghazi.

Davies’ Benghazi incident report contradicts his allegations to 60 Minutes

Davies, who worked for a private security firm hired to protect the US consulate in Benghazi, Libya, had told his company three days after the attack that he was unable to reach the Benghazi diplomatic compound during the attack.

The Washington Post even got a copy of an incident report from the security firm, in Davies’ own name, confirming that he was not at the compound during the attack. The incident report flat-out contradicts what Davies told 60 Minutes last Sunday, and what he claims in his new “memoir, that he scaled the 12 foot wall of the compound in the middle of the attack and clocked a terrorist with the butt of his rifle.  In fact, the incident report shows he strolled in, and met no resistance, after the battle was over.

Davies also claims that he went to the hospital and saw the charred body of our ambassador – in the incident report, it was someone else who told Davies about the charred body, Davies never saw the body because he was never there.

Here are some of the key parts of Davies’ incident report:



Note that Davies just wrote that at 10pm he tried to get to the mission and couldn’t.  He wasn’t able to get there until 930am the next morning:



And here’s the part on finding out about, but not seeing the ambassador’s remains first-hand:


Davies is now claiming that he lied to his bosses at the security firm, because he wasn’t supposed to go to the consulate, and that they must have written up the factually untrue incident report based on his lie.  But the story he told CBS and his book publisher, Davies says, are the true stories.

Two senior government officials tell NYT Davies told FBI he wasn’t there during Benghazi attack

Yeah, except two senior government officials are now telling the NYT that Davies did an interview with the FBI in which he told them he didn’t get to the scene until the next morning, a story consistent with the incident report which Davies now says is a lie, and inconsistent with what he told CBS and wrote in his new book.

So if Davis lied in the incident report, as he’s now claiming, and the incident report echoes what Davies told the FBI, then that would appear to suggest that Davies lied to the FBI too, if the senior government officials are telling the truth.  And you don’t lie to the FBI about a terrorist attack – the biggest terrorist attack in history, if Lindsey Graham is to be believed – and get away with it.

This is the guy Lindsey Graham is shutting down the government for?

So that’s where things stand this morning.  CBS is running around with egg on its face.  Davies’ publisher is trying to figure out what to do with the book.  And I suspect the FBI is planning on having a little chat with Mr. Davies to find out whether he lied to CBS and in his book, or to them.

As for Lindsey Graham, I’m pretty sure he just wet himself.

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