Kmart’s controversial new “Jingle Balls” boxer-short Christmas ad (video)

Kmart has a delicious new Christmas ad for its boxer shorts that pretty much guarantees you’ll never think of the song “Jingle Bells” the same, ever again.


I’m actually quite astounded that they would do this ad.


It’s a brilliant ad. But it’s just so blatantly sexual, that it surprises me.

Most of the reviews on YouTube were laudatory, though a few were quite negative:

nobody over the age of 15 wears joe boxer brand underwear. this simple fact means that the “show your joe” idea was perpetrated by a pedophile and everybody involved in this ad from the brainstorming team, to the director and actors in the video, to the ceo of kmart need to be in prison for pedophilia and should have to register as sexual offenders for the rest for there lives. f—-n’ disgusting.

anybody that wants to argue this fact is also guilty of accessory to pedophilia.

anybody that’s over the age of 15 that wears joe boxer brand underwear, you’re a complete waste of existence. that shit’s made for kids. straight up. i don’t care if your girl thought they were cute, they’re not. they’re f—-n’ childish.

what the hell is wrong with society to think that something like this was ok?

Or this:

Well this is nasty I wouldn’t want any kids watching this.

Though most seemed to agree with this person:

I think the commercial was awesome!!!! It was in very good taste and did not seem offensive at all.

Not sure what all the controversy is about but you all need to stop it. How else would Joe Boxer show off their merchandise???

Good looking guys shaking their tunes seems like a great way to do it. Way to go Kmart!!!!!

Yes, how else indeed.

And when you’re done with the Jingle Bells ad, check our Kmart’s earlier racy ad we published a while back – the infamous “I just ship my pants.”

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