Jon Stewart on why Chicago pizza is not better than NY pizza

Jon Stewart is disturbed that the Today Show said Chicago has better pizza than New York.

Of course, Chicago pizza does rock. But Stewart, in his criticism of Chicago deep dish pizza make the fatal mistake of assuming that that’s the only good pizza Chicago has. That would be untrue.

Go to practically any neighborhood of Chicago, or any suburb, and you’ll probably find 3 to 5 excellent pizza joints nearby. I can’t speak for NYC on this account, but I did have one excellent piece of pizza in NYC – the man pretended not to understand what I meant by a “piece (they call it a “slice,” which of course makes all the difference in comprehension) – and it was a great piece of pizza. I never found another that I liked there.


Nonetheless, I’m sure New York has good pizza. But as I said, don’t make the mistake of assuming that Chicago pizza is deep dish, or stuffed, pizza. It is, but not exclusively. (And contrary to Stewart’s assertions, deep dish pizza is damn good stuff.)

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