Fail to use a turn signal? Anal exam (video)

I’d reported earlier that police in New Mexico gave a man several anal exams, x-rays, 3 enemas and then a colonoscopy all because he appeared to have “clenched his buttocks” after rolling through a stop sign.

Well, now they’ve done it again.

A second driver says the cops in the same town as before stopped him for failing to use his turn signal, and he ended up getting an x-ray of his stomach and multiple anal exams at the same hospital that violated the previous driver.


Now, one fact revealed in this story that didn’t come out in the earlier one: A drug-sniffing dog indicated a positive result when it sniffed the man’s car seat.

Still, anal exams and stomach x-rays?

Also of interest, it was the same dog that got this guy and the other guy we reported on.  And the dog isn’t certified in New Mexico – his drug-testing certification expired.

Oh yeah, and, for the second time, the cops used a search warrant to force the exam, without the driver’s consent, in a county not covered by the warrant.

Some background on that earlier story, where the driver suspiciously “clenched his buttocks:

[T]he police go and get a search warrant from a judge, who actually authorizes it, and proceed to take the man to a hospital, where the following takes place without his permission:
They x-ray his abdomen, find nothing.

  1. They examine his anus digitally, find nothing.
  2. They examine his anus again digitally, find nothing.
  3. They give him an enema, make him defecate in front of the doctors and cops, examine his stool, and find nothing.
  4. They give him a second enema, find nothing.
  5. They give him a third enema, find nothing.
  6. They x-ray him again, find nothing.
  7. So what do they do next? Prepare him for surgery and give him a forced colonoscopy.  And find nothing.

If clenched buttocks get you an anal exam and a colonoscopy in New Mexico, this guy is lucky he’s in North Carolina:


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