Ding-dong: Former progressive, anti-gay bigot, Sam Arora to retire from Maryland House

You might remember Sam Arora.

He’s the former Hillary staffer, and former friend of many progressives here in DC, who ran for the Maryland House of Delegates a few years back on a platform that included vociferous support for gay marriage in Maryland.

Arora then turned around stabbed the gay community in the back after an odd 3 day period in which he went strangely silent.

Sam Arora

Sam Arora

Arora never was able to explain the bizarre flip-flop, and later tried to deny that he’d flip-flopped at all.

Arora’s hypocritical, and mysterious, sudden embrace of anti-gay bigotry not only raised more than a few eyebrows as to what really happened behind the scenes to get him to change his vote, but it also permanently severed the relationships Arora had built up over the years with the Democratic party in Maryland and in Washington, DC.

So perhaps today’s news that Arora is going to retire after this, his first term, is no great surprise.  Arora was expected to see some strong challengers, and strong opposition, in next June’s Democratic primary for his seat.

Fortunately for Marylanders, Sam’s queerly unexplained duplicity couldn’t stop marriage equality from coming in Maryland – it came.

Arora is married now.  To a woman.  Poor thing.  At least they can do each other’s eyebrows.


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