This is definitely up there in my all-time favorite Halloween costumes

This is definitely up there in my all-time favorite Halloween costumes.


I’m not even entirely sure what you call these things – is this a windsock?

Whatever the name, LOVE LOVE LOVE. I love Halloween costumes that reproduce something ordinary, and make it just hysterical. (And yes, I’m going to be enjoying Halloween all weekend.)

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  • BillFromDover

    Cooler than my tool booth groupie?

    Free passage for her!

  • BillFromDover

    Not to mention the crabs?

  • BillFromDover

    Is that The Cooch in there lamenting Tuesday?

  • olandp

    Yes, he follows me, down votes me and if I mention his name he accuses me of stalking him. We all have seen him here. Actually picked him up here.

  • Moderator2

    I wanted to add my thoughts as well to what the other moderators have said and say that you will occasionally see me intervene and evict a “drive-by” trying to disrupt a thread or another trying to take one over with racist, homophobic or any language that is considered over the line, offensive if one of the other moderators do not see it beforehand. Otherwise, you rarely see me overtly on the blog. We all are moderating behind the scenes though covering it as much as we can, so rest assured we are here to help.

  • Gustav2

    I call those things “Kardasians”

  • Yes, a down arrow for those you disagree with if you wish, but do flag anything that seems racist, homophobic, or spam-like. We check the flag folder when we are online.
    This is a help to us, since, as Moderator3 indicated, we are not on duty 24-7.

  • OMG you have a personal troll! Some of us do. How cool is that? :-)

  • Gumby on crack is not a pretty sight.

  • My thoughts exactly. May the prophet idieul heal on you and brings you much candies.

  • olandp

    I was not criticizing, merely asking what to do, as I see it so rarely. In other words you do such a good job I was unaware of procedure when it happened. I thought that was what flagging is for, I haven’t flagged my personal troll because I figure he is my problem.

  • Moderator3

    Thanks for flagging such things.

  • Thanks Mod 3. I usually flag if there is racist or anti gay screeds posted. We all appreciate your work!

  • I though that was Michele Bachman coming as hysteria.

  • Moderator3

    Please understand that the moderators are volunteers who have lives beyond the keyboard. We have literally eliminated thousands of spam comments, but the blog isn’t always covered 27/7. Someone flagged Mercy, and we found her. Flagging works real well. A problem occurs when someone flags a comment just because they disagree with it. You have down arrows for that.

  • Yep, for something particularly bad, or good, always good to email me directly, as I don’t see every comment, but hopefully by flagging it the mods do.

  • emjayay

    I still remember years ago when it was just getting popular, on Dave Letterman show one of the little kids in costume that came to his door was dressed as a piece of sushi.

  • emjayay

    I clicked on that capitalization free rant at the top of these comments. Actually kind of interesting, if a complete waste of time. I mean, nut case with a computer or what?
    I’m glad someone once pointed out the hidden Flag thing up there at the top right above Disquiss comments.

  • Yes, flagging is the thing to do and the crack team of Moderators gets to it eventually. If you see a pattern or flood though, go right ahead and use that “Contact/Tips” link at the top of the page and send John an email.

  • nicho

    And a Happy Halloween to you too.

  • olandp

    Hi Becca, since you are official here I wanted to ask about the spam comment from “mercy”. I flagged it, is that the right thing to do? We have free from that crap here all this time, but I have seen a couple in the last few weeks. I assume the moderators take care of it, but you know what they say…

  • mercy

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  • pricknick

    Thanks for reminding my failing mind.

  • Narthex

    Known as “wacky waving inflatable arm flailing tube men” on Family Guy.

  • citizen_spot

    Mesmerizing. Just like the real ones. ; )

  • pappyvet

    gumby has finally lost it

  • Looks exhausting!

  • Indigo


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