A Celtics fan dances like nobody`s watching, except everybody was

A Boston Celtics fan starts dancing in the bleachers, quite well at that, to Bon Jov’s “Livin’ On a Prayer.”


It’s a fun video. Enjoy :)

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  • Jill

    This has been on the internet since 2009

  • Jafafa Hots

    That’s the only way I’d find myself at a ball game with my mom.

  • woodroad34

    Yeah, that was my point. He was trying to be nonchalant and she nudged him to say “you’re on”.

  • SkippyFlipjack

    That’s pretty normal though; there’s often an introvert sitting next to an extrovert saying “hey the camera’s on you“. I think the tell here is that he clearly looks like he knows the camera’s going to be on him even though he’s doing nothing of note. It seems like they slightly blew the cue and caught him a bar or two early.

  • woodroad34

    Yeah, his girl friend gave him a nudge when the camera was on him.

  • woodroad34

    He’ looks like Martin Short’s Ed Grimley dancing to the triangle: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=YvbQKSaYQD8
    Oddly enough I was playing tango group Bajofondo’s Pa ‘Bailar and he was right in time with it. It was even more hilarious: The Celtics’ Tango

  • Whitewitch

    Silly girl…why do these vids make me cry…cause it is clearly love…clearly love.

  • Indigo

    Well rehearsed and everybody loved it.

  • DastiusKrazitauc

    Surely Ellen will be flying him in to dance with her and her audience, no?

  • lilyannerose

    While it appeared to be well planned it certainly made people feel good!

  • It did look planned. Maybe it was a bet?

  • SkippyFlipjack

    had me laughing out loud but clearly planned, right? the guy didn’t initially do anything that warranted the camera time, and they usually just give everyone a second or two before jumping to someone else.

    and I’m surprised nobody’s mentioned the homophobe at 1:45 who ain’t having any of that hugging sh!t, dude.

  • SkippyFlipjack

    maybe but it’s not often that someone takes hallucinogens and goes to a game with mom

  • 2patricius2

    I think he was tripping on something.

  • EdA

    For some reason, I don’t think that this was entirely spontaneous.

  • Love the exuberance!

  • emjayay

    Pretty impressive. That looked choreographed (not that I think it actually was), plus his movements were pretty isolated, which non-dancers don’t usually accomplish. Anyway, pretty flawless for something probably off the cuff by some dude who had a few brewskies.

  • cole3244

    cool, he’d better dance now because he won’t be dancin at the end of the season.

  • HAHA! Sometimes you just gotta dance.

  • Fun Wins!

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