Man gets anal search, colonoscopy, 3 enemas for rolling through stop with “clenched buttocks”

This story definitely falls in the OMG category.  Some guy in New Mexico is coming out of a Walmart parking lot this past January when he rolls through a stop sign. The cops pull him over, order him out of the car, and then grow concerned when they think they see him “clenching his buttocks.”

He must have drugs!

So the police go and get a search warrant from a judge, who actually authorizes it, and proceed to take the man to a hospital, where the following takes place without his permission:

  1. They x-ray his abdomen, find nothing.
  2. They examine his anus digitally, find nothing.
  3. They examine his anus again digitally, find nothing.
  4. They give him an enema, make him defecate in front of the doctors and cops, examine his stool, and find nothing.
  5. They give him a second enema, find nothing.
  6. They give him a third enema, find nothing.
  7. They x-ray him again, find nothing.
  8. So what do they do next? Prepare him for surgery and give him a forced colonoscopy.  And find nothing.

Not surprisingly, the man is now suing the cops and the hospital.

Actual court documents in the "clenched buttocks" lawsuit, courtesy of KOB4.

Actual court documents in the “clenched buttocks” lawsuit, courtesy of KOB4.

We’ve written before about the horror stories that sometimes come from local police overreach.  The worst, in some ways, was my story about the cop who thought it a good idea to execute five kittens in front of a bunch of children:

These are the actual 5 kittens the police officer shot (courtesy of KSDK)

These are the actual 5 kittens the police officer shot in the head in front of children. (courtesy of KSDK)

Accorti found himself in some hot water this week after responding to a call to remove some kittens from a woodpile outside a suburban home.  Accorti told the woman who’d called that the animal shelters were full, and that the kittens would have to be euthanized.  She consented, so Accorti took out his gun and one-by-one shot the 8-to-1o-week-old kittens dead.

He did this in front of the woman who had called in the complaint, and in earshot of her kids, who knew what was going on.

The police officer claims that he just assumed the woman knew he was going to take out his gun and shoot the kittens to death.

Because who wouldn’t assume that?

The woman’s kids immediately started screaming and crying, having just listened to five kittens being shot to death outside their home. “My 6 y.o. was crying, ‘Mommy, mommy, he shot the kitty’,” the mom told the local press.

Then there’s the 9 SWAT-like agents who stormed an animal shelter in order to kill a baby deer named “Giggles.”

Here is "dangerous" Giggles, plotting an attack on the US Embassy in Yemen.

In this secret drone footage, Giggles (left) is seen preparing for an attack on the US Embassy in Yemen. (photo via WISN12)

The Society of St. Francis (sounds scary already), a no-kill shelter, informed the armed agents that there was no need to kill Giggles, as she was not only not “dangerous,” which the agents were claiming, but she was also scheduled to be transferred to a nature reserve the next day.Too bad, said Wisconsin officials.  So they threw Giggles in a body bag, threw her over their shoulder, and killed her.

Oh, and the fawn was named Giggles because when she made a little noise, it sounded like laughter.

What is wrong with people?

Possibly even more pathetic was the heartless, and absurd, excuse given by Wisconsin Department of Natural Resources supervisor Jennifer Niemeyer, when asked why they couldn’t have just phoned the shelter and resolved the entire situation without killing the fawn:

“If a sheriff’s department is going in to do a search warrant on a drug bust, they don’t call them and ask them to voluntarily surrender their marijuana or whatever drug they have.”

Well, yes. If Giggles were heroin, instead of an adorable baby deer, and if the Society of St. Francis were Al Qaeda, instead of a no-kill shelter named after a saint, then Jennifer Niemeyer would be correct, you would not want to phone them first.

And then, a close runner-up, were the Texas cops who felt they need to search women’s vaginas for speeding and throwing a cig out a window:

In a shocking series of videos, Texas police officers are seen searching the rectums and vaginas of women who are pulled over for small driving infractions such as throwing a cigarette out the window of their car, or speeding.

Two women in one car allege that the gloved female cop who did the cavity search didn’t even change gloves when she moved from one woman to the next.


According to the women, the cops finger went in to the driver’s vagina.


A second women having her vagina searched.

Welcome to post-9/11 America. (h/t Reason)

And here’s a local news report on the guy who got the x-rays, enemas, and colonoscopy.

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