Archie Bunker comes to terms with gay marriage (video)

In honor of the Hawaiian Senate’s passage last night of legislation legalizing gay marriage (the governor will sign it at 10am today Hawaii time, 3pm NYC time), I give you Archie Bunker coming to terms with the concept of gay marriage.

My friend Damian forwarded me this video from vintage “All in the Family” footage from the 1970s.

In this episode, Cousin Liz dies, and Archie doesn’t want Liz’s “friend” Veronica to get her tea set because “Veronica ain’t even family.” Edith has to explain to Archie that “Veronica and Cousin Liz were like-married.”

Archie responds: “Liz was a lez?”

In the end, Archie relents, but only after Edith puts her foot down.

"Liz was a lez?"

“Liz was a lez?”

For those not in the know, All in the Family was a hit show 40 years ago.  It was about a bigoted man, Archie Bunker, and his good-hearted, but kinda mousey, wife Edith, who he used to boss around, but who would still often get the better of him.  The entire premise of the show was the lampooning of bigotry by showcasing it.

A few thoughts…

First off, Archie is looking a lot younger nowadays. It’s freaking me out a bit.

Second, as has been said before by others, I do wonder if this show could even be aired on TV in this day and age. Conservatives would flip at the depiction of them as racist bumpkins, and I wonder if some people on the left would miss the joke and fail to understand that the show is using Archie’s bigotry as a foil for defeating it.

I really never watched All in the Family all that much. It was my parents’ show, so I caught it by default, back in the time of one TV per family, and 4 main channels (along with PBS and a local station where I’d watch Creature Features on Saturday).

It’s a good clip.  And still rather timely.  Enjoy.

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