Wolf Blitzer unleashes Michele Bachmann’s inner crazy (video)

Wolf Blitzer interviewed Michele Bachmann right before the government shutdown, and I’m sorry I missed the interview. It’s really good.


At one point, Bachmann, who has embraced Tea Partyers big time, claims that 30 million Americans will be kicked off their employer’s insurance once Obamacare goes into effect. Blitzer tells her “that’s not true.”

He really nails her in this interview. The best part is during the first half when he simply won’t let her get away with her crazy off-topic meandering. She refuses to answer the questions, and is very good at deflecting. But he simply wouldn’t let her get away with it. Typically, TV reporters ask a question twice, let you deflect twice, and then move on. He didn’t.

Now, of course, in the end Bachmann still refused to answer a single question. And normally you’d simply write off someone like this as “crazy, but irrelevant.” But Bachmann is mainstream in Republican circles, at least the circles that run the party. And that’s because the rest of the Republican party refuses to stand up to its own nuts the way Blitzer did to Bachmann. And as a result, we all pay the price for the GOP’s inability to police its own and stop its party from veering dangerous, and perhaps permanently, to the far right.

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